Final EKG Practice Test pt. 1

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(In which of the following situations would electrodes for the leads V2-V6 be placed on the right side of the patient's chest? Choose 2 correct answers.)

a) Patient has had a left-sided mastectomy
b) Patient is 8 years old
c) Patient has dextrocardia
d) Patient is 8 months old
e) Patient is suspected of having an occluded circumflex artery
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A patient is nearing the target heart rate during an exercise stress test when he becomes diaphoretic and complains of intense chest pain. Which response from the EKG technician is best?

a) stop the test and alert the doctor immediately
b) Tell the patient to hold on just a bit longer since hitting the target heart rate will provide better information about why he's experiencing chest pain
c) Stop the test and begin CPR immediately
d) Continue the test while administering oxygen
What should an EKG technician do before uploading a patient's EKG to the patient's EHR?

a) Call the medical records office to make sure they are ready to receive it.
b) Confirm that the EKG is free of artifact and that the EHR correctly matches the identity of the patient.
c) Discuss any potentially dangerous rhythms with the patient.
d) Conduct a second EKG so the doctor will have two records to compare.
What is a heart card? a) It is a card carried in the wallet to describe the type of pacemaker a patient has implanted. b) It is a card capable of monitoring a patient's cardiac activity when held over the sternum. c) It is a card indicating whether a patient wishes to donate her heart in the case of a lethal accident. d) It is a card used to analyze heart rhythm during stress testing.AWhen is the best time to count respirations and record a patient's respiratory rate? a) While measuring the patient's blood pressure b) Immediately after measuring radial pulse, while still holding the wrist c) When the patient is in the supine position for the EKG d) As a final step after recording the EKGBThe QT intervals shown in the tracing below measure approximately a) 0.42s b) 0.36s c) 0.30s d) 0.24sBThe P wave shown in this image is best described as a) Biphasic b) Inverted c) Notched d) PointedAA cardiac rhythm with a name that includes the word tachycardia is a) Faster than normal b) Slower than normal c) Originating below the sinoatrial node d) Potentially lethalAWhat can be said about the strip shown above? a) It shows a pattern of variable conduction. b) Every P wave results in a conducted beat. c) It shows a pattern of 3:1 conduction. d) It shows a pattern of 5:1 conduction.DA run of ventricular tachycardia is occurring when three appear in a row. a) Premature junctional contractions b) Ventricular escape beats c) Bundle branch blocks d) Premature ventricular contractionsDUnder which of the following circumstances can an EKG technician discuss the details of a patient's EKG or treatment? a) When the technician is delivering the completed EKG and the patient's chart to the cardiologist who ordered the test. b) When a colleague asks for information about a relative's health. c) When a patient asks the technician for an interpretation of the EKG right after it is performed. d) When the patient's employer calls to ask if he is fit to continue working.AWhich of the following is common guidance given when setting up Holter monitoring? a) Refrain from exercise during the monitoring period. b) Refrain from drinking caffeine or alcohol during the monitoring period. c) Press the event button only if symptoms seem to be triggered by your activity. d) Note the time of any symptoms and any activity/exercise in your diary.DSome forms of atrioventricular block are marked by prolonged a) PR intervals b) QRS complexes c) R-R intervals d) P-P intervalsAElectrical interference may be caused by a) Fluorescent lights in the exam room b) Sweat on the patient's skin c) Inadequate electrode adhesion d) Low battery levels in the EKG machineAThe normal range for body temperature in pediatric patients is a) The same as in adult patients b) Lower than in adult patients c) Higher than in adult patients d) Lowest for infants and gradually increasing to adult range as the child agesAThe complexes in this EKG tracing could be described as a) Uniform b) Monomorphic c) Polymorphic d) VariegatedCIt is a violation of confidentiality to speak about a patient a) With the doctor who ordered an EKG for the patient b) With the nurse who is on duty during the performance of a stress test on the patient c) With a doctor who works at a different facility but specializes in treating the condition the patient suffers d) With the facility's billing officeCDuring a stress test the EKG technician sees this change in the patient's EKG. What is the best action to take? a) Continue the test and inform the doctor immediately afterwards. b) Stop the test, check the patient's condition, and call a code. c) Stop the test, check the patient's condition, and alert the doctor. d) Stop the test and immediately begin AED use.C