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· Authoritarian
o Rate high on demandingness and low on responsiveness
o Clear cut expectations, rules to follow, strict
o Punishment for not following rules
o Physical punishment, i.e. spanking
o Demand respect and obedience
o Don't ask why, "parents said so"
o Punitive
o Work, order, traditional structure
o Accept authority without question
o Military/boot camp style parenting

· Permissive
o Rate highly on responsiveness and low on demandingness
o Warm and naturing
o Involved, not demanding
o Don't have much rules and expectations
o Rules are sporadically
o Value freedom of expression and autonomy
o Lack of enforcement
o Few demands on orally behavior or chores
o Use reason rather than overt power
o Boundaries are subtle
o Manipulative, not bullying children
o Moral and social responsibility
o Not complete freedom of choice
o "children's friend"

· Authoritative
o Rate high on demandingness and responsiveness
o Clear cut expectation and rules
o Use positive reinforcement
o Rewards and verbal praise
o No manipulation, guilt, or power display, no physical punishment
o Avoid punitive
o Verbal give and take
o When child ask about rule they have a discussion not say "because I said so"
o Open to changing rules when child gets older
o Discipline and confirmative to rules
o "Little people with rights"
o Child have some voice, still make the rules, but are open for discussion

· Disengaged / uninvolved
o Low on demandingness and responsiveness
o Self-involved, have their own problems
o They can't adequately raise their children
o Drug dependency or alcoholism
o Consumed by work
o Divorced, wrapped up in adult relationships
o Mental illnesses
o Don't focus on children the way they need to
o Little to no demands
o If there rules, parents aren't there to enforce
o Lack of involvement
o Poor communication
o Neglectful, lack of providing for basic needs