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  1. the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money
  2. primary work task at any point in time
  3. Sustained and conscious
    aim is to produce benefits to society, oneself, or others
  4. Realistic
  5. 1. Genetic Endowment
    3.learning experience
    4.Task approach skills

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  1. Super's 5 stages1.Crystalization (14-18) tentative career goal
    2.Specification (18-21) firming education/vocational goal
    3.Implementation(21-24) training for and obtaining employment.
    4.Stabilization(24-34)working for a confirming career choice.
    6.Readiness for retirement (55+)


  2. Theory of Work AdjustmentNeeds
    1.biological and psychological - drive states lead volitional behavior
    *whenever the behavior results in the needs being satisfied reinforcement occurs and the behavior is strenghtened.


  3. Super's 5 Vocational StagesHave to move through stages and master these over lifespan
    1.Growth (0-14) self concept, attitudes, interests, needs and general understanding of the work world.
    2.Exploratory (15-24) classes, lobbies, work experience, tentative stage - based on person's choice and skill dev.
    3.Establishment (25-44) entry leve skill building and stabilization through work experience
    4.Maintenance (45-64) continue to adjust to improve position.
    5.Delcine reduce output and prepare for retirement.


  4. Positionprimary work task at any point in time