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deep tendon reflexes (DTR)

tested with a reflex hammer that is used to strike a tendon

range of motion testing (ROM)

diagnostic procedure to evaluate joint mobility and muscle strength


diagnostic test that measures the electrical activity within muscle fibers in response to nerve stimulation


diagnostic procedure for testing and recording neuromuscular activity by the electric stimulation of the nerve trunk that carries fibers to and from the muscle


medication administered to suppress smooth muscle contractions of the stomach, intestine, or bladder

skeletal muscle relaxant

medication administered to relax certain muscles and to relieve the stiffness, pain, and discomfort caused by strains, sprains, or other muscle

neuromuscular blocker

drug that causes temporary paralysis by blocking the transmission of nerve stimuli to the muscles


study of the human factors that affect the design and operation of tools and the work environment

Occupational therapy

activities to promote recovery and rehabilitation to assist patients in normalizing their ability to perform the activities of daily living (ADL)

Physical therapy

treatment to prevent disability or to restore functioning through the use of exercise, heat,
massage, and other methods to improve circulation, flexibility, and muscle strength.

Myofascial release

specialized soft tissue manipulation technique used to ease the pain of conditions such as fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, movement restrictions, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Therapeutic ultrasound

utilizes high-frequency sound waves to treat muscle injuries by generating heat deep within muscle tissue


acronym for the most common first aid treatment of muscular injuries; letters stand for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation

fasciotomy (fash-ee-OT-oh-mee)

surgical incision through the fascia to relieve tension or pressure

Fascioplasty (FASH-ee-oh-plas-tee)

surgical repair of fascia

Tenodesis (ten-ODD-eh-sis)

surgical suturing of the end of a tendon to a bone

Tenolysis (ten-OL-ih-sis)

release of a tendon from adhesions

tenectomy (teh-NECK-toh-mee),

the surgical resection of a portion of a tendon or tendon sheath

Tenoplasty (TEN-oh-plas-tee)

surgical repair of a tendon

Tenorrhaphy (ten-OR-ah-fee)

surgical suturing together of the divided ends of a tendon

tenotomy (teh-NOT-oh-mee)

is the surgical division of a tendon for relief of a deformity caused by the abnormal shortening of a muscle, such as strabismus

myectomy (my-ECK-toh-mee)

surgical excision of a portion of a muscle

Myoplasty (MY-oh-plas-tee)

surgical repair of a muscle

Myorrhaphy (my-OR-ah-fee)

is the surgical suturing a muscle wound

myotomy (my-OT-oh-mee)

surgical incision into a muscle

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