Chapter 16 quiz review

One tactic used by social movements is protesting, which is a public demostration that is designed to:
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Social media can best be defined as:forms of electronic communication that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networkingWhat late-1780s process placed newspapers at the forefront of American political life?the Constitution's ratification debatesThe First Amendment specifically prohibits __________ from "abridging the freedom of speech or the press."CongressWhich scenario exemplifies investigative journalism?an undercover reporter exposes a meat processing company using arsenic as a cheap filler in its steaksBroadcast media can best be defined as:outlets, including radio and television, for news and other content that bring stories directly into people's homesRadio meant for the first timea person in Kansas and a person in California could hear the State of the Union address live at the same timeWhy has cable television news become so unapologetically partisan?cable television news is subject to fewer government regulationsWhich scenario is an example of new media?a private citizen records his interactions with city officials and posts it on his blog with commentaryWhat is the primary function of the wire service?. to gather and report on news and sell the stories to to other news outletsCitizens must communicate their policy preferences to the policymaking institutions of government through linkage institutions. Which of the following are accurate examples of linkage institutions?elections and the mediaGovernemnt regulation of media has focused mainly in:ownership and contentIntially, media regulation was focused on______ and the balance of political viewpoints.the suitability of content for childrenccording to the Telecommunications Act of 1996the limits on the number of media outlets a corporation could hold was increasedThe Radio Act of 1927 established Selected:Federal Radio CommissionWhich statement describes the outcome of New York Times Co. v. United States?Unless national security is at risk, the government may not censor a story before publication.Which is a negative effect of the increased consolidation of news organizations?Many stories about human rights, climate change, and foreign affairs are not reported.One advantage to social media for politicians is that it allows them to:communicate easily and directly with citizens.presidential candidate notices that she can improve her popularity among millennials. Which is the MOST effective use of her advertising dollar?Faacebook sponsored adCritics of soft news worry that political comedy shows like The Daily Show do all of the following EXCEPT:increase the public's knowledge of public affairs.Which statement accurately relates how the public contributes to the very media bias it claims to abhor?As news outlets need the public to listen and to watch, they shape their programming to the public's biases.Which of the following headlines is one MOST likely to find a newspaper that practices horse-race journalism?Smith Leads Vanger by Two Points in Latest PollIn the modern media setting, stories of wrongdoing, the drama of the political campaign, and poll numbers crowd out discussions of a candidate's ______.policiesThe digital divide differentiates people on all the following factors EXCEPT for:genderWhich statement describes how Americans perceive bias in the news media since 2012?. Many Americans see the news as having a great deal of bias.Which aspect of infotainment would be considered negative?. merging entertainment and politics can lead to increased cynicism among audiences