Chapter 14, 15, and 16 Quiz Answers

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Carbon dioxide is ________.
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All of the following are anthropogenic factors contributing to climate change EXCEPT:breathing.The most recent analyses of polar ice cores have given us the ability to profile global climate change as far back as ________ years.800,000The world's most abundant fossil fuel is ________.coalAll of the following are advantages of nuclear power EXCEPT:nuclear wastes can be safely disposed of.Energy can be conserved by ________.using heat from a power plant to heat nearby homesOf the following countries, ________ would be affected most severely by another OPEC oil embargo.the United StatesWhen we burn fossil fuels, ________.the greatest environmental impact is increased greenhouse gasesWhich of the following is the most cleanly burning fossil fuel available, producing the least carbon dioxide per unit of energy released?natural gasCrude oil is ________.refined to separate the chemicals used for gasoline, lubricants, plastics, and other productsNatural gas is primarily composed of ________.methaneAll of the following are aspects of the technology of "clean coal" EXCEPT:removing carbon content from coal before combustion.All of the following are fossil fuels EXCEPT:UraniumNuclear energy in power plants is created via ________.the fission of uranium atoms by bombarding them with neutronsCoal continues to be the main fuel used to generate electricity in the United States. This is partially because ________.the country has such large reserves of coalThe Keystone XL pipeline ________.was a hotly debated pipeline that would have carried petroleum from Canada to the southern United StatesWhen assessing energy resources, it is helpful to use a measure called EROI, which is returned divided by energy investedSecondary extraction of petroleum ________.uses solvents, water, or steamThe chemical product produced by a hydrogen fuel cell is ________.waterWorldwide, the most widely used renewable energy resource is ________.bioenergyAlthough photovoltaic electricity is considered a "clean" power source, one issue with this electricity is that it ________.cannot be stored easily in large quantitiesWhether a hydrogen-based energy system is environmentally cleaner than a fossil fuel system depends on ________.the source of energy used to produce the hydrogenWhich of the following are documented negative impacts of dams?flooding, habitat destruction, alteration of river sediment depositionThe rotational energy of the blades of a wind turbine ________.drives a generator inside the nacelle compartment to produce electricityA major advantage of solar power is that systems provide local, decentralized control over powerUltimately, all biofuels are ________, because they are the product of; photosynthesisEthanol made from corn ________.results in higher food prices for corn and corn productsPhotovoltaic technology is best described as ________.using sunlight to directly generate electricityThe United States generates more electricity from ________ than from any other renewable energy source.hydropowerA major obstacle to the establishment of wind farms near populated and scenic areas is ________.not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) syndromeBiofuels ________.can be created by microbial action or burned directly as wood or dungThe form of energy delivered to an electrical generating turbine in a geothermal facility is in the form of water or steamPassive solar power involves using ________.the energy of sunlight without relying on electrical or mechanical devices