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What is an abstract idea symbolized by the lamb in Blake's poem "The Lamb"?
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At the end of "The World Is Too Much With Us," Wordsworth demonstrates by his example the Romantic belief in what?transforming power of the mind.What is Wordsworth's main subject in "The World Is Too Much With Us"?the frenzied quest for wealthA central theme of "She Walks in Beauty" is the woman's what?VirtueWhat line from "She Walks in Beauty" best answers the question "To what does the speaker compare the woman in the poem?"She walks in beauty, like the night . .What pair of lines from "She Walks in Beauty" contains an example of personification?"Where thoughts serenely sweet express / How pure, how dear their dwelling place."Why does the speaker of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage admire the ocean?The ocean is unchanged by human activities.What question is answered by the line from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage?I love not man the less, but nature more How does the narrator feel about nature?What line from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is an example of personification?". . . thou dost arise / And shake him from thee . . ."What does the line from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage suggest?There is society, where none intrudes Nature itself is sufficient society for an individual.A central theme of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is the ocean's what?rhythmIn Hard Times, on what principle is Thomas Gradgrind's teaching style based?Teach boys and girls nothing but facts.What is Dickens's purpose in Hard Times in describing Thomas Gradgrind as a "cannon loaded to the muzzle with facts" who will blow his students "clean out of the regions of childhood at one discharge"to reveal hatred of Gradgrind's inflexible and close-minded teaching styleIn Hard Times, who are the "little pitchers" waiting to be filled with facts?all studentsIn Hard Times, why does Dickens have Gradgrind refer to Sissy Jupe as "girl number twenty"?to criticize the fact that students in the overpopulated school are treated as numbers, not individualsIn Hard Times, why does Gradgrind insist that Sissy Jupe's father is a veterinary surgeon and not just a rider of horses?The surgeon's job is technical and practical, something Gradgrind values.In Hard Times, what is Dickens's purpose in describing the schoolmasters as being "turned out at the same time, in the same factory, on the same principles, like so many pianoforte legs"?to attack the cold, mechanical nature of the teachers' approach to educationIn Hard Times, what does Thomas Gradgrind's name suggest?the way he forces his ideas into the heads of his studentsIn this selection from Hard Times, Charles Dickens is mainly criticizing what?The focus of the teaching that is portrayed in the excerpt is completely on facts with no allowance for understanding, application, or creativity.In Jane Eyre, what is Lowood?a strict boarding school for girls and young women without title or moneyWhat is the best way to describe Miss Scatcherd as she is portrayed in Jane Eyre?overly critical and cruel