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A type of drug that increases the activity of the central nervous system
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Drugs that first gained popularity at dance clubs and ravesClub DrugsA breathable chemical vapor that produces mind-altering affectsInhalantA drug that slows brain and body reactionsDepressantThe improper use of medicines-either prescription of over the counterDrug MisuseThe fillers that may be in a drug that are not actually the drug itselfImpurityContinual use of a drug to attain a mental feeling of well-being. The user experiences withdrawal symptoms when usage stops.Psychological DependenceA medicine that is sold legally in pharmacies and other stores without a doctor's prescriptionOver the CounterIf you are caught buying or are in possession of alcohol under the age of 21, you will automatically be charged with thisMIPA drug made from leaves, stems, and flowering tops of a hemp plantMarijuanaAny chemical substance that is taken to cause changes in a person's body or behaviorDrug