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A program must only have one algorithm
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When code is interpreted itis read directly from the programWhich of the following is a feature of low-level code?Easy for a computer to understandWhen code is compiled itis converted into binary codeWhich of these is a general-purpose programming language that is used a lot in video games?C++What job does a video game developer perform?Writes code for video gamesA programmer needs to understand sequencing to determine whether the order of steps will affect the outcome of the programTrueBinary code is how computers send, receive, and store informationTrueWhat job does a front-end developer perform?Handles what users see and experience on websitesWhich of these languages looks the most like regular English?PythonWhich of the following are skills you need to be successful in coding?All of the above(Problem solving, Efficiency, independence)Which of these languages is commonly found embedded in HTML code?JavaScriptWhat job does an ethical hacker perform?Evaluates a computer systems vulnerabilities and weaknessA program isset of instruction given to a computerWhich of these languages is used primarily to create web pages and web applications?HTMLWhich of the following are types of operators?1.All of the aboveBoolean values are:2.True or FalseHow is the AND logical operator used to evaluate code?3.Both operands in this equation must match the code to return a value of trueWhich of the following can be stored in variables?4.Numbers and charactersOperands are inputs of the operation.5.TrueIf A = 5 and B = 10, what is A * B equal to?6.50A variable can be called or referenced before it has been defined.7.FalseHow is the NOT logical operator used to evaluate code?8.It makes an operand the reverse of its actual valueHow are relational operators used?9.To compare two operandsAn event handler is10.A procedure that is used to deal with eventsHow are logical operators used?11.To make decisionsA = 250; B = 325. Which of the following statements is true?12.A<=BAn event is13.An action that occurs as a result of a user's action or another sourceVariables are used to store information that will be referenced and manipulated in a computer program.14.TrueHow is the OR logical operator used to evaluate code?15.One of the operands in this equation must match the code to return a value of trueWhat is the first step in assigning a variable value?16.Giving it a nameWhat symbol is used when assigning value to a variable?17.=An operator is a symbol that tells the computer:18.What task to performWhich of the following is NOT a logical operator?19.If(?)The only way to assign a value to a variable is by the programmer.20.FalseWhich of the following is NOT one of the five steps of the programming process?InterviewWhich of the following is NOT a control structure used in coding?DifferentialAn If/Else statement should be used when you want one of two sections of code to be executed.TrueWhich of the following are reasons control structures are used?All of the aboveWhich loop is used for a specified number of times?ForRepeats a sequence of commandsA loopHow does the computer use a selection control structure to decide which path to follow?By determining which requirements have been metWhich of the following describes the Test phase of the programming process?Identify and correct any errorsAll other elements of a commandA statement isA selection control structure is used to choose between two or more alternative pathsTrueA ________________ control structure is used to reduce the number of lines of code for an action that will need to be repeated many timesRepetitionA conditional statement is a statementThat allows the computer to choose between different paths in a programHow is a sequential control structure read?Each line in order, from top to bottomWhat type of control structure is the default method of the computer reading code?SequentialA nested loop isIs a loop within a loopA repetition control structure executes code one time only.FalseWhich of the following describes the Design phase of the programming process?Create your plan using algorithm and control structuresA function is useful because you write it once and call it as often as needed.TrueWhich of the following describes the Define phase of the programming process?Determine the problemA functionPerforms a specific task when calledWhich of the following is NOT a type of loop?OpenWhich type of loop only runs while a condition is true?WhileWhat type of control structure is a conditional statement?SelectionWhich of the following are types of conditional statements?If and if elseA command isOne word instruction