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Relational Aggression

harming someone by manipulating a relationship

5 peer statuses

1. popular children 2. average children 3. neglected children 4. rejected children 5. controversial children

Social Cognition

thoughts about social matters and the ways in which children process information about peer relationships and their social knowledge

6 Functions of Friendship

1. Companionship 2. Stimulation 3. Physical Support 4. Ego Support 5. Social Comparison 6. Affection and Intimacy

Perspective Taking

The ability to assume other people's perspectives and understand their thoughts and feelings. Important for whether children develop prosocial or antisocial attitudes and behaviors.

Social Conventional Reasoning

Conventional rules that have been established by social consensus in order to control behavior and maintain the social system

Importance of friendship

Friends are cognitive and emotional resources from childhood throughout the lifespan. They can foster self-esteem and a sense of well-being

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