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  1. (a) Who was responsible for creating the ancestor of countless monuments to cultural heros everywhere? (b) Who was this sculpture of? (c) What was its purpose?
  2. Which artists cast their shadows over the Rococo period?
  3. Name as many characteristics of the Rococo as you can.
  4. he artist ________________________ is known for his oratorios.
  5. What was the effect of the French Rococo on English painting?
  1. a fantasy, small and intimate, light-hearted, tender-minded, whimsy, nostalgia, diversion from real life, escapism to eroticism
  2. b Poussin and Rubens
  3. c helped bring about 1st school of English painting since the Middle Ages that had more than local importance
  4. d Roubiliac
    the sculpture was of Handel (composer)
    he made it for the Garden where Handel often played
  5. e Pepusch

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  1. Handel
    wrote for operas
  2. Vermeer
  3. Gay
  4. authentic costumes as part of the trend toward greater realism in theater
  5. Fragonard

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  1. (a) Who was David Garrick? (b) What did he contribute to the reform of theater?originally trained as a priest, father was a violinist
    Four Seasons


  2. How did the Rococo effect sculpture1710-1774


  3. Who was Thomas Gainsborough?the favorite portrait artist of British high society


  4. a) The Rococo flourished first and foremost in what area? (b) Describe what is meant by this term.decorative arts
    luxurious furnishings, tapestries


  5. What were the major contributions of Rococo theater?stagecraft- scenic design and acting