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  1. _______________ wrote The Beggar's Opera
  2. a) Who was Antonio Vivaldi? (b) What great work is he most famous for?
  3. What is outstanding about the Tomb of the Maréchal de Saxe by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle?
  4. How did the Rococo effect sculpture
  5. he artist ________________________ is known for his oratorios.
  1. a originally trained as a priest, father was a violinist
    Four Seasons
  2. b Gay
  3. c recaptures grandeur of Baroque
    an elevated stage space that projects forward
  4. d small groups of miniature Baroque forms, designed to be viewed at close range
  5. e Pepusch

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  1. the favorite portrait artist of British high society
  2. Reynolds
    they both painted the same lady
  3. stagecraft- scenic design and acting
  4. Boucher
  5. Gainsborough painted a traditional, bright 3/4 pose
    Reynolds painted more academically, used history painting and posed Mrs. Siddons in an allegorical pose, more Venetian/Baroque

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  1. _______________________ is remembered for his choral music, several oratorios, and many cantatas.Bach


  2. (a) Who was responsible for creating the ancestor of countless monuments to cultural heros everywhere? (b) Who was this sculpture of? (c) What was its purpose?Roubiliac
    the sculpture was of Handel (composer)
    he made it for the Garden where Handel often played


  3. (a) Why was there no English sculpture for 200 years? (b) What changed that fact? (c) Why?vandalism during the Reformation, too little demand afterwards
    sculptural patronage grew- they liked sculptures in public places of the culture heros (Shakespeare)


  4. a) What other art type does Watteau often paint? (b) Describe it.cemmedia dell'arte
    improv. comedy which uses stock characters (the innocent girl, the wise servant...)


  5. The finest pure painter of his era was _________________________________.Fragonard