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  1. a) What other art type does Watteau often paint? (b) Describe it.
  2. What happened to costuming during this period?
  3. a) Who was Antonio Vivaldi? (b) What great work is he most famous for?
  4. Who was Thomas Gainsborough?
  5. Describe the Grand Salon of the Hôtel de Bourvallais by Robert de Cotte.
  1. a authentic costumes as part of the trend toward greater realism in theater
  2. b cemmedia dell'arte
    improv. comedy which uses stock characters (the innocent girl, the wise servant...)
  3. c originally trained as a priest, father was a violinist
    Four Seasons
  4. d the favorite portrait artist of British high society
  5. e Rococo, walls encrusted with stucco ornamentation, elaborately carved furniture embellished with guilt bronze

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  1. Lebrun
  2. Vermeer
  3. helped bring about 1st school of English painting since the Middle Ages that had more than local importance
  4. decorative arts
    luxurious furnishings, tapestries
  5. Gay

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  1. The first French painter whose paintings are intimate in scale and lighthearted in style and subject was ______________.Lebrun


  2. The finest pure painter of his era was _________________________________.Lebrun


  3. (a) Why was there no English sculpture for 200 years? (b) What changed that fact? (c) Why?vandalism during the Reformation, too little demand afterwards
    sculptural patronage grew- they liked sculptures in public places of the culture heros (Shakespeare)


  4. he artist ________________________ is known for his oratorios.Pepusch


  5. Describe William Hogarth's "new kind of picture."Charles I hunting-
    showed the aristocracy as close to their land, was a privelage to hunt. They are relaxed in a landscape setting