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  1. Lactuca sativa 'Little Gem' AGM
  2. Brassica oleracea (Gemmifera) 'Montgomery' AGM
  3. Phaseolus coccineus 'Scarlet Empire'
  4. Cucurbita pepo 'Defender' AGM
  5. Brassica oleracea (Capitata) 'Savoy King'
  1. a Climbing runner bean
  2. b Autumn/late winter brussels sprouts
  3. c Popular courgette; fair resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus
  4. d Cos lettuce
  5. e Winter savoy cabbage

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  1. Early cropping runner beans
  2. High yielding F1 hybrid onion; stores well
  3. Early red potato
  4. Early spring cabbage
  5. Late crop carrot; stores well over winter

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  1. Cucurbita pepo 'Long Green Bush'Can use as courgettes or marrow


  2. Beta vulgaris 'Alto' AGMBolt-resistant beetroot, good for baby beets and salad leaves


  3. Allium porrum 'Lancelot'Main crop leek; hardy


  4. Lactuca sativa 'Tom Thumb'Loose leaf Italian lettuce with attractive frilly edges


  5. Solanum tuberosum 'Pink Fir Apple'Delicious salad potato


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