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unite one exam history

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After the death of _________________, Muslim Arab armies conquered much of the Greater Mediterranean.​
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The system of rulership that Spaniards had in place which relied on native leaders and institutions.
​A heavily guarded fleet of Spanish merchant ships.
​The seat of Spanish colonial government located in New Spain.
​The policy that missionaries followed when converting native peoples.
​None of these are correct. (not correct)
The Protestant Reformation was lead by Martin Luther. (not correct)
​England became a Protestant nation under King Henry VIII.
​The Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation with the Counter-Reformation.
​Spain became a Protestant nation under the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.
​None of these are correct
Explorers were in search of great wealth such as that found among the Aztec and Inca.
​The 1540s, exploratory ventured were funded by wealthy men once the Spanish crown realized they would not find rich empires.
Missionaries seeking to convert natives also made their way through North America.
​Explorers were faced with challenges such as food shortages and hostility from native groups.
​All of these are correct. (wrong)