Ethics in Allied Health - Exam

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Ethics comes from the word "ethos," meaning

A: Character and beliefs

B: custom or character

C: philosophy

D: beliefs and customs
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Patient Ann Smith is in a coma. Her legal guardian, Jane Brown, is authorized to make medical decisions on her behalf. In this situation, patient Ann Smith most likely has a/an

A: medical entitlement contract

B: medical administrator's trust

C: durable power of attorney

D: authorized medical guardianship form
Which of the following is not required for research to qualify under the Exception for Informed Consent?

A: Anticipated direct benefit to subjects

B: Minimal risks given the patient's like-threatening circumstances

C: Patient consent to the research

D: A life-threatening medical condition for which current treatments are unsatisfactory

Requirements are:

1: There's a life-threatening medical condition for which current treatments are unproven or unsatisfactory

2: Prior consent isn't feasible

3: Direct benefit to the subjects in anticipated

4: The research's risks are minimal given the patient's life-threatening circumstances

5: The research couldn't be conducted within the therapeutic window - or when the treatment must be given - without EFIC.
__________ is the branch of ethical theory that considers the origin and meaning of ethical principles. A: Normative ethics B: Etiquette C: Metaethics D: PhilosophyCWhat type of advance medical directive does the AMA recommend? A: Undue-burden test B: Durable power of attorney C: Euthanasia D: Living WillBThe proper form of social interaction in a given culture or community is called A: ethics B: etiquette C: metaethics D: philosophyBMost of the significant changes in the Affordable Care Act went into effect on what date? A: January 1, 2015 B: December 15, 2013 C: January 1, 2014 D: March 1, 2010CWhich of the following would be an example of positive eugenics? A: Forbidding people with learning disabilities from having children B: Encouraging athletes to have children together C: Performing DNA research to eliminate breast cancer D: Refusing life insurance to people with certain genetic profilesB (Encourages reproduction by those considered genetically superior)Some states have laws requiring notification of patients' partners regarding their infection with A: measles B: HIV C: influenza D: tuberculosisBWhat U.S. Supreme Court case applied the right to privacy to abortion? A: Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey B: Roe v. Wade C: Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health D: Griswold v ConnecticutBWhich of the following is a requirement for protecting patient autonomy? A: Patients must consult with legal counsel prior to having life-threatening surgery B: Patients must independently research all procedures prior to giving consent C: Physicians can require patients to submit written authorization for medical treatment D: Patients must give informed consent to medical treatmentDHeterosexual minorities and women have become the fastest-growing groups with _______ in America. A: influenza B: HIV/AIDS C: measles D: polioBAnother name for "mercy killing" is A: euthanasia B: physician-assisted suicide C: anesthesia D: suicideA________ is a test that can be used to detect genetic abnormalities before birth. A: Genetic splicing B: Amniocentesis C: Genetic sequestration D: Amniotic sequestrationBThe Organ Procurement and Transplant Network (OPTN) was established by the A: National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 B: National Healthcare Initiative of 1986 C: HCFA Organ Law D: Medicare Organ AmendmentA_______ is a hormone crucial to the early process in pregnancy. A: Triptan B: Progesterone C: Amiodarone D: SertralineBWhat do the ethical theories attempt to do? A: Define punishments for violations of laws B: Prescribe religious beliefs for all people C: Describe specific behaviors as polite or impolite D: Systemize concepts of right and wrongDA formulary is a list of A: employees covered by an employer's health insurance plan B: approved drugs for which the insurance company pays C: proper behaviors and manners for a certain community D: prcedural steps to resolve ethical conflicts in a medical officeBThe obligation of a medical coder to keep patients' medical information confidential is an example of the _____ theory of ethics. A: virtue B: confidentiality C: duty D: consequentialistCDeciding to abort a pregnancy to save a woman's life is an example of which type of normative ethics theory? A: Confidentiality theory B: Consequentialist theory C: Virtue theory D: Duty theoryB