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Which of the following does NOT accurately define or describe a city?
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As a result of high land costs, the American CBD is characterized bythe construction of skyscrapers.Which of the following describes the connection between land values and population densities?I only is correctA land use typically excluded from a North American CBD ismanufacturingWhich of the following best explains what the central business district data indicate?Government policy makers and business partners have focused infrastructure efforts on creating a downtown work environment that is positive for economic development.Social area analysis attempts to explainthe distribution of different types of people in an urban area.According to the concentric zone model, a city develops in a series ofringsBased on a comparison of the zones in the model shown, which of the following best explains how the model is limited in its representation of present-day urban land use?The model does not show the cost-to-distance effects of multiple suburban central business districts and the pattern of residential areas that surround them.According to the sector model, what might influence the growth of a new corridor?The extension of transportation routes.According to the multiple nuclei model, an airport is likely to attract nearbyhotels and warehouses.Edge cities emerged as a consequence ofsuburbanizationWith which urban model are edge cities most closely associated?galacticCompared to urban settlements in North America, CBDs in Europehave higher numbers of residents and more day-to-day consumer services.Compared to the United States, poor families in European cities are more likely to beclustered in suburbs.Islamic cities can follow a concentric zone model by centering urban development around the?mosque and bazaarWhich of the following was NOT included in Beijing under the Yuan Dynasty?informal settlementsAfter 1573, most Spanish colonial cities were designed to havegridiron street plans centered on a church and plaza, walls around houses, and wider streets than are in the centers of most European cities.Which statement best describes the stages of development of Mexico City since 1910?Fueled by rapid population increases, the modern city has drained and built over the former site of the lake.In which region's cities are the spine and disamenity zones of the sector model evident?Latin American cityMultiple nuclei models are closely associated with contemporary cities in which geographic region?Southeast asiaWhich of the following economic or social challenges is best illustrated by the photo shown of Mumbai, India?There is a significant income gap between residents on the periphery of the city and residents in the city center.Settlements on the periphery of cities in less developed countries that often house the poor or new urban arrivals are known as:informal settlements.The application of the concentric zone model to developed and developing countries differs in thatthe wealthy tend to live closer to the inner rings in developing countries.Which of the following best explains why countries such as Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), Kazakhstan, and Nigeria would construct a new capital city in a different location from the old capital city (Called...Forward Capitals)?To build modern, planned cities and administrative centersMost U.S. metropolitan areas have a council of governments which meansit coordinates planning for the overall area.Which problem results from the fragmentation of local governments?addressing regional problemsSprawl is best defined as thedevelopment of new housing sites not contiguous to the existing built-up area.Which describes a recent change in the typical U.S. density gradient?a reduction in the differences in densities found within an urban areaOne of the ways that suburban residential segregation is reinforced is throughzoning ordinances.Marketers use geographic analysis of the suburbs because itreveals the clusters of high-income people who are likely potential customers.Large numbers of employees of suburban businesses may suffer hardships because they do NOTown automobiles in an urban landscape where public transportation is limited.Which of the following is NOT one of the transportation epochs identified by John Borchert?Iron Horse Canal EpochThe U.S. government has encouraged the use of cars in part bybuilding interstate highways.The energy efficiency of a hybrid car is tied tothe use of a gasoline engine at high speeds, whereas at low speeds an electric motor takes over; moreover, energy that would have otherwise escaped as heat is captured and stored while the car is coasting and braking.Compared to the private automobile, public transportation offers moreenergy efficiency.Recent trends in public transportation systems in the United States has been toinvest in and expand subways and light rail systems in the largest cities.Which example does NOT illustrate how urban areas benefit from public transit systems?Light rail increases congestion and noise.Which is NOT a potential advantage of using autonomous vehicles to improve congestion and traffic issues in cities?Improved technology will make autonomous vehicles affordable for more people.The decision to develop alternative fuel vehicles is based on the need tosatisfy the preference for personal vehicles and reduce the demand for fossil fuels.An urban growth boundary is associated withsmart growth programs.A process by which banks designate an area within which they refuse to lend money for loans, improvements, or refinancing is:redlining.Public housing is defined ashousing that is owned by the government is provided at reduced rate to people with low incomes.The supply of public housing in the United StatesIs often inadequate to meet demandIn U.S. cities, the underclass is:clustered in inner-city neighborhoods.Which is NOT a factor in the health and safety of people in inner cities?population growth encouraged by redevelopment strategiesThe needs, problems, and patterns of women with respect to urban social space differ from men's in that?Jobs that are "women work" such as clerical work are concentrated in specific areas of the city.The process of gentrification occurs whenpeople in the middle class move into deteriorated inner-city neighborhoods and renovate the housing.Which of the following reasons does NOT favor gentrification?The process tends to increase social diversity.Which is NOT a strategy several U.S. cities have used to revitalize their downtown areas?Restoration of auto dealerships and warehouses to the CBD.To deal with the financial problems in some areas of the cities, American city/local governments:Both 1 and 4 are correct responses