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example: many teenagers are like lemmings -- they'd follow everyone else off a cliff just to be cool and fit in


example: high school students are nothing but a bunch of cheaters, liars, and thieves


example: if you don't like reading or writing, Mr. Spruill's class might pose a problem for you


example: I'm so busy writing papers for Mr. Spruill that I never get to do anything fun anymore-- my skin has turned a whole shade lighter from staying inside so much.


example: We should lock all the members of Congress in a windowless, concrete room without food or drink and not let them out until they've come to some agreements.


example: Adults are so phony-- we should create a society where the youth are in charge.


example: In one episode of "The Dave Chappelle Show," they imitated how sports teams draft players, but they called it "The Race Draft," and they made fun of how each race wants to claim certain people as its own, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.

verbal irony

example: Getting arrested isn't so bad -- it's a great way to meet new friends.

dramatic irony

example: I saw this movie recently in which this kid thought that everyone at school thought he was cool because they kept saying things like "nice pocket protector" and "cool glasses" and "I wish I could be smart like you," but it was obvious that they were being sarcastic.

situational irony

example: A man spends all his money on non-refundable tickets to fly to California and surprise his girlfriend, only to have her break up with him.


to force someone to leave, to exile them


kingdoms, places under the authority of a particular ruler or government


very stubborn


to suppress, subdue, lay to rest, put an end to


to stir up a war or rebellion, to instigate or promote a conflict


displaying a great sense of self-importance, being full of oneself


unimportant, inconsequential


being narrow-minded, treating unimportant, trivial things as if they were important


someone who captures, traps, or imprisons another


to whip someone or something; to strike suddenly and forcefully


(adj) despicable, morally corrupt; (verb) to grow worse and worse


fame gained from evil deeds; notoriety (being notorious)




moral goodness

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