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Idiomatic Expressions Using TENER

tener buena/mala cara

to look good/bad

tener (mucha) calma

to be (very) calm

tener (mucho) calor

to be/feel (very) hot

tener (muchos) celos (de)

to be (very) jealous (de)

tener (mucho) cuidado

to be (very) careful

tener deseos de

to feel like, to have an urge to

tener dolar de (garganta, cabeza, etc.)

to have a sore (throat, headache, etc.)

tener (mucho) envidia (de)

to be (very) envious (of)

tener (mucho) éxito

to be (very) successful

tener (mucho) frío

to be/feel (very) cold

tener ganas de

to feel like, to have an urge to

tener mucho gusto en

to be pleased to

tener (mucho) hambre

to be (very) hungry

tener en cuenta

to take into account

tener la culpa (de)

to be to blame (for), to be one's fault

tener la palabra

to have the floor

tener (mucha) lástima de

to feel (very) sorry for

tener lugar

to take place

tener (mucho) miedo (de)

to be (very much) afraid (of)

tener presente

to keep in mind, to take into account

tener (mucha) prisa

to be in a (big) hurry

tener que + Infinitive

to have to

tener que ver con

to have to do with

(no) tener razón

to be right (wrong)

tener (mucha) sueño

to be (very) sleepy

tener (mucho) suerte

to be (very) lucky

tener (mucho) vergüenza (de)

to be (very much) ashamed (of)

tener... años

to be... years old

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