Vocabulary test: units #7-9

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melancholy(adj.) sad, gloomy, unhappy; (n.) sadness, gloominessordeal(n.) a difficult or painful experience, a trialparch(v.) to make dry and thirsty; to shrivel with heatpersist(v.) to continue steadily in a course of action, refuse to stop or be changed; to last, remainpuny(adj.) of less than normal strength or size; of no importancequibble(v.) to evade or belittle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections; (n.) a petty objectionratify(v.) to approve, give formal approval to, confirmregal(adj.) royal, kinglike; fit for a kingstifle(v.) to smother, prevent from breathing; to hold back or choke offvital(adj.) having life, living; necessary to life, essential; key, crucialabnormalnot usual, not typical, strangecapsizeto turn bottom side up, upsetcatastrophea large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failuredecrease(v.) to become or make less; (n.) a lesseningdisputatiousinclined, to argue or debate; provoking debateevictto force out from a property, ejectflourish(v.) to grow, thrive, be prosperous; to wave in the air; (n.) a dramatic gesture; a fanfare of hornsincentivea reason for doing something; something that stimulates actioninsubordinate(adj.) disobedient, rebelliouslegible(adj.) easily readnubthe central point or heart of a matter; a knobonslaughta violent attack; a sudden rush of somethingordainto establish by law; to order or command; to appoint as a priest or minister; to destineoutstripto get ahead of, do better than, exceedpervadeto spread throughoutprudentcautious, careful, showing good senseQuenchto put out, extinguish, endRemnanta small part remaining behindSimultaneoushappening or existing at the same timeSwerve(v.) to turn aside sharply; (n.) a sharp or sudden turnflagrant(adj.) extremely bad, glaring; scandalous, notoriousamiss(adj.) faulty, imperfect, not as it should be; (adv.) in a mistaken or improper way, wronglybrawl(n.) a noisy quarrel or fight; (v.) to quarrel or fight noisilydetest(v.) to hate, dislike very much, loathedomestic(adj) native to a country, not foreign; relating to the life or affairs of a household; (n.) a household servantflaw(n.) a slight fault, defect, crackfledgling(n.) an inexperienced person, beginner; a young bird about to leave the nest; (adj.) inexperienced, buddingfluster(v.) to make or become confused, agitated, or nervous; (n.) a state of confusion or agitationforemost(adj.) chief, most important, primary; (adv.) in the first placemomentumthe force or speed with which something movesnotable(adj.) striking, remarkable; (n.) a person who is well known, distinguished, or outstanding in some waynurture(v.) to bring up, care for, train, nourish; (n.) rearing, training, upbringingparadox(n.) A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.Prejury(n.) the act of swearing to a liepresume(v.) to take for granted, assume or suppose; to dare, take upon oneself, take libertiesprior(adj.) earlier, formerproficient(adj.) skilled, expert, or capable in any field or activityvigilant(adj.) wide-awake, alert, watchfulsalvo(n.) a burst of gunfire or cannon shot, often as a tribute or salute; a sudden burst of anything; a spirited verbal attackwrath(n.) intense anger