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Define Cellulitis

Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue

What are the causes of Cellulitis?

usually due to invasion of a pathogen, often a common skin pathogen that gets introduced into the SQ tissue from a laceration or trauma

Who is most at risk of Cellulitis?

people with vascular disease, sensory deficits, diabetes

What are the symptoms of Cellulitis?

Swelling, redness, pain, may have some weeping at site of invasion, hot to touch

What is the nursing care for someone with Cellulitis?

Bed rest, elevate extremities, antibiotics, dressing on open wounds (measure and mark area with texta)

Acute care for Cellulitis

RIB,standared obs, Pain Management (analgesic & positioning), Infection due to IV site, Skin integrity(moist/blean, education, Hygiene, Injury protection, daily skin inspections.

Name 4 types of burns

Electrical - shock
Radiation - sunburn
Chemical - hairdye
Dry/moist - steam burn/frost bite

Name the classes of burns

Partial thickness
Full thickness

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