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The centralization of Sweden hit its apex witht this king


Sweden's primary export, it declined in the 18th Century

Charles XII

Insane, yet brilliant, he led Sweden Against Russia and Poland


Sweden's adversary in the Great Northern War


Control of this sea transfered from Sweden to Russia


It went from Eastern power to non-existence in the 18th Century


Polish centralization reached its peak under this Polish king


This title was usually elected from a foreign born family, keeping decentralized power


Polish representative body for the nobility


Polish nobility


Sobieski led Poland in defense of Austria at this city

Liberum Veto

One nobleman's vote could disband the sejm. This practice of exploding the diet is known as this

Ottoman Empire

Known as the "Sick man of Europe" it suffered a slow decline from the 15th to 19th C.


Ottoman Empire's title for a ruler


Rule in the Ottoman Empire was not geographical, it was religious. All people were organized into one of these units based upon the religion they practiced


A non-Muslim citizen of the Ottoman Empire


after the defeat of Charles XII, Sweden became decentralized under the control of this social group


People of this peninsula became Islamic (Muslim) in order to avoid the Catholicism enforced by Venetian and Habsburg rulers

Ottoman Empire

This political entity prevented the expansion of Russia, Austria, and Poland


The Ottoman Empire was in league with the Anti-Habsburg European power


The Ottoman Empire controlled the Dardenelles making it impossible for Russia to use this sea for international trade

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