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Anatomy and Physiology- Berret- 12 Nerve Cells

Nerve #1
Olfactory, Sensory, Smell
Nerve #2
Optic, Sensory, Vision
Nerve #3
Oculomotor, Motor, raising the eyelid, movement of eyeball, constricting of iris, lens shape
Nerve #4
Trochlear, Motor, Eye Movements
Nerve #5
Trigeminal, Both, Sensory- sensation of head and face
Motor- mastication
Nerve #6
Abducens, Motor, Abduction of eyeball
Nerve #7
Facial, Both, Taste, facial expression, saliva and tears
Nerve #8
Vestibulocochlear, both, balance, hearing, Motor- adjust sensitivity of sensory receptors
Nerve #9
Glossopharyngeal, Both, Taste, Moto- Swallowing, secretion of saliva
Nerve #10
Vagus, Both, Sensory-taste, Motor- parasympathetic fibers to the lungs and visceral organs
Nerve #11
Accessory, Motor, shoulder movement turning head, voice production
Nerve #12
Hypoglossal, Motor, tongue movements for swallowing and speech