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Frontal Lobe:

1. higher intellectual function
2. speech production
3. Ipsilateral moter control

Brocca Area:

1. motor speech

Temporal Lobe:

1. hearing
2. memory
3. speech perception

Parietal Lobe:

1. Primary somatic sensory area

Wernicke's Area:

1. auditory comprehension

Occipatal Lobe:

1. Vision
2. Visual perception


1. Body temperature regulation
2. pitutary hormone control
3. autonomic nervous system responses
(thalumus, epithalamus, hypothalamus)


1. coordination

Brain Stem:

1. Respiratory and cardiac regulation
2. Level of awareness
3. Reticular activating system (RAS)
(Midbrain, Pons, Medulla oblongata)

Cerebrum consists of :

1. Parietal lobe
2. Convolutions (gyri)
3. Sulci
5. Choroid plexus (3rd ventricle)
6. Occipital lobe
7. Cerebral aqueduct
8. 4th Ventricle
9. Choroid plexus (4th ventricle)

Brain Stem:

1. Midbrain
2. Pons
3. Medulla Oblongata

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