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  1. Church Truck
  2. Register Book
  3. Grave Box
  4. Semi-Tailored
  5. Sales Frequency
  1. a a book signed by those attending a visitation/service.
  2. b A combination of a tailored interior with one or more other styles of interior; for effect.
  3. c A wheeled collapsible support for the casket, used in the funeral home, church, or home.
  4. d An outer enclosure consisting of a body and a one or two piece lid.
  5. e The number of times sales in a given price bracket occurs over a fixed period of time.

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  1. A legal copy of the original death certificate.
  2. the handles, ornamental fixtures, and their fittings that are attached to the casket shell.
  3. reduction in the amount of a bill when a specified minimum quantity of merchandise has been ordered.
  4. The reduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a specifically designed retort or chamber.
  5. The purchasing, pricing, display, and sale of merchandise.

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  1. CapThe Part of the casket handle, attached to the lug or arm, which is grasped by the casket bearer


  2. Direct Selection Room ProcedureThe method of selling caskets whereby the funeral director remains in the selection room throughout the selection process.


  3. MausoleumA building containing crypts or vaults for entombment.


  4. Casket Standa device upon which two or three caskets are placed, one on top of the other for display


  5. Grave LinerThe Sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units