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  1. Niche
  2. Brushed
  3. Mausoleum
  4. Semi-Tailored
  5. Inurnment
  1. a bare metal is scratched with an abrasive material and then finished until a smooth high gloss is obtained
  2. b Recess or Space in a columbarium used for permanent placing of cremated remains
  3. c The act of placing cremains in an urn.
  4. d A combination of a tailored interior with one or more other styles of interior; for effect.
  5. e A building containing crypts or vaults for entombment.

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  1. A cemetery created and maintained under an Act of Congress for burial of veterans of military service and their family members.
  2. a device upon which two or three caskets are placed, one on top of the other for display
  3. a book signed by those attending a visitation/service.
  4. a casket in which the rim (ogee), crown, and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming a two piece lid for the casket.
  5. the placing of a remains in a crypt in a mausoleum.

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  1. ArmThat part of the casket handle that attaches the bar to the lug.


  2. Sales FrequencyThe number of times sales in a given price bracket occurs over a fixed period of time.


  3. HardwareThe Sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units


  4. BronzeA metal alloy consisting of 90% copper with tin and sometimes zinc comprising the other 10%.


  5. Functional PricingA method of price quotation by which the charges are broken down into several major component parts, such as professional service, facilities, automobile, and merchandise.