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  1. Mausoleum
  2. Range
  3. Top Seal
  4. Body Panels
  5. Death Notice
  1. a Compose the sides and ends of the casket shell.
  2. b In burial vaults, a method of sealing that utilizes an epoxy compound in conjunction with a tongue-in-groove closure at the top of the vault.
  3. c A building containing crypts or vaults for entombment.
  4. d The upper and lower limits of a series of numbers
  5. e A classified notice publicizing the death of a person and giving those details of the funeral service that the survivors wish to have published.

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  1. A moveable casket handle with a hinged arm.
  2. A furnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building that houses a retort.
  3. a thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool
  4. the placing of a remains in a crypt in a mausoleum.
  5. a casket having eight angles or corners and therefore has 8 sides or body panels.

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  1. AverageThe Sum of a group of numbers divided by the number of units


  2. Preplanned Funeral ArrangementsThose funeral arrangements made in advance of need that include provisions for funding or prepayment.


  3. Functional PricingA method of price quotation by which the charges are broken down into several major component parts, such as professional service, facilities, automobile, and merchandise.


  4. Outer Burial ContainerAny container which is designed for placement in the grave around the casket, including, but not limited to containers commonly known as burial vaults, grave boxes, and grave liners.


  5. ModeNumber that occurs most frequently in a listing of numbers


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