Local anesthesia chapter four- incomplete

what LA has the most vasodialator properties?
what two have the least vasodialator properties?
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what is the half-life of epi administered intravenously?1 to 3 minutespatients with recent MI, CBS, or cerebrovascular accident within the last 6 months or uncontrolled hypertension, angina, arrhythmias, or hyperthyroidism shouldn't get any what?no LA containing vasoconstrictorFill in the blank: epinephrine and norepinephrine cause vasoconstriction by activating ______ receptors located in most tissuesadrenergictarget receptor sites are divided into two major groups of adrengeric receptors, alpha and beta with several subtypes. Which ones are more easily excited?betaAlpha receptors have excitatory actions. Beta receptors have inhibitory actions from catecholamines on smooth muscles.both statements are truetrue or false- The excitatory action of beta receptors by sympathomimetric drugs causes vasoconstriction of the smooth muscle in blood vessels.false- alpha receptorsalpha one receptors are inhibitory-postsynaptic. alpha two receptors are excitatory-postsynaptic.both statements are false. RATIONALE: just switch the twonorepinephrine activates predominantly A beta receptors. Epinephrine activates both A beta and alpha receptors.both statements are trueare beta or alpha receptors more sensitive to stimulation?betawhich type of receptors (alpha or beta) have stimulatory effects that increase the rate and force of heart contractions?betaalpha receptors