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Is a decision making tool used by people at all levels to increase operational effectiveness by anticipating hazards and reducing the potential for loss, thereby increasing the probablility of a successful mission.
Increases our ability to make informed decisions by providing the best baseline of knowledge and experience available.
Minimizes risks to acceptable levels, commensurate with the mission accomplishment. The ammount of risk we will take in war is much greaer than we should take in peace but process is the same. Applying ____ process will reduce mishaps, lower cost, and provide for more efficient use of resources.
What are the 5 steps of ORM process?
Identify hazzards
assess hazzards
make risk decisions
implement controlls
Explain "Identify Hazards"
Begin with an outline or chart of major steps in the operation (Operation analysis). Next, conduct a preliminary hazard analysis by listing all possible hazards associated with each step in operational analysis along with possible causes for those hazards.
Explain "Assess Hazards"
For each hazard identified, determine the associated degree of rish in terms of probability and severity.
Explain "Make Risk Decisions"
First, develop risk controll options. Start with the most serious risk first and select controlls that will reduce the risk to a minimum consistent with mission accomplishment. With the selected controlls in place, decide if the benefit of the operation outweighs the risk. If the risk outweighs benifit or if assistance is required to implement controlls, communicate with higher athority in the chain of command.
Explain "Implement Controlls"
Measures that can be used to eliminate hazards or reduce the degree of risk.
Explain "Supervise"
Conduct follow-up evaluations of the controls to ensure they remain in place and have the desired effect. Monitor for changes which may require further ORM. Take corrective action when necessary.
What are the 4 principles of ORM?
Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
Accept no unnecessar risk
Anticipate and manage risk by planning
Make risk decisions at the right level
When should Single hearing protection be worn?
Noise levels greater than 84 dBA (8 hour TWA)
or 140 dB peak.
When should Double hearing protection be worn?
Noise levels exceed 104 dBA (8 hour TWA)
Hazardous material
Any material because of it's quantity, concentration or physical or chemical characteristics may pose a substantial hazard to hum health or the environment.
Hazardous waste
A discarded material whcih meets the definition of a hazardous material and/or is designated as hazardous waste by the EPA or a State authority.
Material Safety Data Sheet that describes the chemical/physical characteristics, hazards, risk reduction methods and emergency procedures for regulated substances
A condition with the potential to cause personal injury or death, property damage, or mission degradation.
An expression of possible loss in terms of severity and probability.
Risk Assessment
The process of detecting hazards and assessing associated risks.
10 Nov 1775
Marine Corps was created.
Where was Marine Corps Created?
Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pa
Who is traditionally considered to be first Commandant of the Marine Corps?
Captain Samuel Nicholas
What year did the Marine Corps fall under the Department of the Navy?
1947, amended in 1952
National Security Act which states Current Structure of the Marine Corps.
Where did the first Marine Corps landing take place durring the Revolutionary War?
New Providence Island, Bahamas
In what year did Marines Sieze guns and supplies on New Providence Island in the Bahamas?
In 1776 Durring the First Marine Corps landing the Marines Uniform of the day had a thick leather stock that was worn around the neck. What nickname was derived from this?
Where were the Stars and Stripes raised for the first time in the Eastern Hemisphere?
Burma on the "Shores of Tripoli"
In what year did Marines storm the Barbary pirates?
During what war did the marines occupy the "Halls of Montezuma"?
Mexican War
When did the Battle of Chapultepec occur?
Durring what year did Marines help take California?
Where did Colonel Robert E. Lee U.S. Army Command Marines to put down a Slave revolt?
United States Arsenal at Harper's Ferry
In what year did Marines put down an attempted slave Revolt lead by abolistionist John Brown?
When was EGA Created?
Who Created the EGA?
7th Commandant of the Marine Corps
Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin
What do the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Represent?
Eagle = Nation
Globe = Worldwide service
Anchor= Sea traditions
The official motto of the Marine Corps "Semper Fidelis" was adopted.
In what year did Marines defend the American Legation durring the Boxer Rebellion?
Marine Corps established its first aviation unit.
Who was first Marine Corps pilot?
Major Alfred A. Cunningham
In what year did Marines participate in 8 distinct operations in france?
What decoration earned in france in 1917 is still worn by the 5th and 6th Marines today?
French Fourragere
Marine Corps was reorganized into the Fleet Marine Force.
Where was the Marine Corps Equipment board Located?
Quantico, Va
What was the job of the Marine Corps Equipment board?
Develop and test materials for landing operations and expeditionary service.
Marine Corps landed in South Vietnam.
Where were the Marines committed to the longest war in its history?
South Vietnam
Marines conducted numerous large scale offensive operations as well as participated in a pacification program designed to win the hearts of the local populace.
1965 South Vietnam
In what year did Marines Deploy to Lebanon?
What happened on 23 Oct 1983
A suicide truck bomb attack on headquarters building in lebanon killed 241 americans and injured 70 others.
When did the last Marine Unit withdraw from Lebanon?
July of 1984
Why did Operation Desert Storm Happen?
Iraqi Goverernment Refused to comply with United Nations resolutions.
What happened in January of 1991?
Air Phase of Operation Desert Storm?
When massive bombing failed to dislodge Iraqi Military what Did The Marines do?
Sent in Ground forces which liberated Kuwait and did severe damage to the Iraqi Military capability.
When did marine units deployed to Arabian sea set up a Forward Operating Command in Afghanistan marking the beginning of the War on Terror?
November 2001
Who was the First Ground Unit in Afghanistan?
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 25 November 2001
15 MEU set up what camp at airport just south of Kandahar?
Camp Rhino
What happened durring "Swift Freedom"?
Marines sealed of city of Kandahar cutting off supplies and escape routes and the taliban governments were overthrown.
What was the outcome of the success off "Swift Freedom"?
25 million Afghans experienced freedom for the first time in 20 years.
What happened on 19 March 2003?
The President Called that American and allied forces launched Operation Iraqi Freedom.
How long did it take to demolish the Gov of Saddam Hussein and his Baath political party?
3 weeks
When did the Battle of Nasiriyah occur?
23-29 March 2003
Describe The Battle of Nasiriyah?
2d MEB (task force Tarawa) were tasked with taking out 2 out of 3 key bridges over the Euphrates in the city on the advance to Baghdad. This was the first major battle in the Iraq War.
What happened on 31 march 2004?
Iraqi Insurgents in Fallujah ambushed a convoy and outraged americans when then released photos of 4 Blackwater contractors
What was Operation "Vigilant Resolve"?
In April 2004 Coalition Forces fought first battle of Fallujah in order to capture or kill those responsible for Blackwater deaths. They fought into the center of the city.
After Operation "Vigilant Resolve" Who was the City of Fallujah turned over to?
At the Request of the Iraqi Government the city was turned over to an Iraqi run security force which began stockpiling weapons and building defenses accross the city in mid 2004.
What happened on 7 Nov 2004?
Operation "Phantom Fury" (english) "Operation Al Fajr" (The Dawn In Arabic) was launched to recapture Fallujah.
How many Deaths and injuries occured durring Operation "Phantom Fury"?
Over 1350 insurgent fighters Killed
95 American Troops Killed
560 wounded
How long did Operation "Phantom Fury" take and when was it complete?
6 days and finished on 13 Nov.
What was the Bloodiest Battle durring the war in Iraq?
Operation "Phantom Fury"
Where and when was the Battle of Belleau Wood Fought?
France durring WWI
In honor of marines who fought at Belleau Wood the french renamed the area what?
The Wood of the Brigade of Marines.
German intel Rated the marines as what?
Storm Troops ( the highest rating on enemy fighting scale)
In Reference to the Marines ferocious fighting ability German troops called the marines what?
Teufelhunden or "Devil dogs" a nickname marines share with pride.
What happened on 7 Aug 1942?
The Battle of Guadalcanal
Where was the Beaches of Guadalcanal located?
Solomon Islands
Who landed on the beaches of Guadalcanal?
1st Marine Division
What was the US's first land offensive of WWII and first test of the new amphibious doctrine?
Battle of Guadalcanal
The Battle of Guadalcanal was a crucial turning point in the war why?
It provided a forward base to launch further invasions on the Japanese held islands of New Georgia, Choiseul (Feint), and Bogainville.
Describe the Battle of Tarawa?
On 20 Nov 1943 Marines landed on Gilbert islands (prime Obj. Tarawa Atoll and Betio island) and secured the island in 76 hours.
What did a Japanese Comander say about the Betio island?
That it would take a million americans 100 ears to conquer it.
Why did the Battle of Mariana islands occur?
Due to the need for airfields by the Airforce and advanced bases for the Navy.
Durring June and July of 1943 136,000 troops (largest under Marine command in the field at that time) was led by who durring the Battle of Mariana islands?
Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith
What was the largest and Bloodiest All Marine battle in Marine Corps History?
The Battle of Iwo Jima.
How many Casualties were suffered in The Battle of Iwo Jima?
Over 23,300
When did Marines land on Iwo Jima?
19 Feb 1945
What was Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Quoted as saying durring the Battle of Iwo Jima?
"Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue."
What happenned in North Korea in November of 1950?
The Battle of Chosin Reservoir.
What was so Important durring the Battle of Chosin Reservoir?
Marines smashed 7 outta 10 enemy divisions and durring this retrograde movement Marines brought out all Operable Equipment, properly evacuated their wounded and dead, and maintained tactical integrity.
What Battle happened durring the Vietnamese holiday of Tet in January of 1968?
The Battle of Hue City
Fighting was house to house in Battle of Hue City and the city was secured when?
25 Feb 1968
Archibald Henderson
"Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps" was commandant from 1820-1859 (39 years)
This person introduced higher standards and wanted the Marine Corps to be reckognized as a professional military force?
Archibald Henderson
Sgt Maj John Quick
Know for Semaphoring for an emergency lift of the naval bombardment while under american and spanish shellfire at Cuzco (Gitmo) he recieved a Medal of Honor.
SgtMaj Dan Daly
Recieved two Medals of Honor, one for Boxer Rebellion the other for first Caco War in Hati. Is also know for saying "Come on you SOB's do you want to live forever" in Battle of Belleau Wood.
Lieutenant General Louis B. "Chesty" Puller
Known as tiger of the Mountains he scoured the jungles of Nicaragua with 32 Marines Marine Corps named the Mascott after him.
Major Gregory R. "Pappy" Boyington
Was Commander of the VMH-214 "Black Sheep" durring WWII, was reckognized as Marines top flying ace with 28 Kills in 1945
Cpl Ira H. Hayes
Under Major General Harry Schmidt this Pima indian was one of the marines from the 2nd flag raising on Mount Suribachi on 23 Feb 1945
Private Opha Mae Johnson
1st Female enlisted Marine Corps on 13 Aug 1918
Brigadier General Margaret A. Brewer
7th and Last Director of Women Marines from 1973-77 first Female General Officer on 11 May 1978
Doc Robert E. Bush
1st Corpsman to Recieve Medal of Honor for his actions in Okinawa Durring WWII
Doc John "Jack" H. Bradley
Earned Navy Cross for actions During Iwo Jima and was one of the men in the 2nd Flag raising.
Doc Robert R. Ingram
Recieved Medal of Honor for his actions Durring the Vietnam War.
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
Lieutenant Colonel
First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Sergeant Major of Marine Corps
Sergeant Major
Master Gunnery Sergeant
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Staff Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class