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What are the 7 elements of the Marine Corps mission?
Discuss 1st Provide.
Provide FMF's for service with US Fleet in seizure and defense of advance naval bases
Discuss 2nd Provide.
Provide Security for armed vessels, and Naval property at Naval Stations and Bases.
Discuss 1st Develop.
Develop Doctrine, Tactics, and Equipment for Landing forces in amphibious operations.
Discuss 3rd Provide
Provide Marine forces for airborne operations according to the doctrine established by joint chiefs of staff.
Discuss 2nd Develop.
Develop Doctrine, Procedures and Equipment for Airborne operations.
Discuss Expand.
Expand peacetime components to meet wartime needs according to the Joint Mobilization plans.
Discuss Perform.
Perform such other duties that the President may direct.
What are the 2 parallel chains of command within the Marine Corps?
Service and Operational
Who is in the Service Chain of Command?
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Navy
Comandant of the Marine Corps
Who is in the Operational Chain of Command?
Secretary of Defense
Commanders of Combatant Commands
What are the 3 Marine Corps Operating Forces?
Marine Corps Forces
Marine Corps Security Forces
Marine Security Gaurd
What is Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR?)
Organized as MAGTFs and are either employes as part of Naval expiditionary forces or separately as part of larger joint or combined forces.
Where is Commanders of Marine Forces Command (MARFORCOM?)
Where is Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC?)
What are the Marine Corps Security Forces (MCSF?)
Approximately 3400 Marines Who Protect Key Naval installations and facilities world Wide. This includes Marine barracks and security companies Conus and afloat.
What is the Marine Security Gaurd (MSG?)
Provide Security to the Department of the state for embassy security in 121 diplomatic post in 115 countries throughout the world.
What is the purpose of Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC?)
Consist of the Commandant of the Marine Corps and all those who advise the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
What is the Commmandant of the Marine Corps Responsible for?
The administration, discipline, internal organization, training requirements, efficiency, readiness, operation of Material Support system, and the total Performance of the Marine Corps.
What is a MAGTF?
A balanced and flexable task organized force that can respond to a contingency anywhere in the world and conduct a variety of missions.
What are the Four parts of the MEF?
Marine Headquarters Group (MHG)
Marine Aircraft Wing, air combat element (MAW) (ACE)
Marine Division, Ground Combat Division (MARDIV) (GCE)
Marine Logistics Group, Logistics Combat Element (MLG) (LCE)
What does MHG provide to the MEF?
Command and Support
What does the MAW provide to the MEF?
Task organized to provide support to MEF mission by preforming some or all of 6 functions of Marine Corps aviation.
What Does the Marine Division provide for the MEF?
Task organized to conduct Ground missions in support of the MEF.
What does MLG provide for the MEF?
Tasked organized to pass a full range of CSS functions and capabilities to support continued readiness and sustainability of the MEF.
Where is 1st MEF located?
Southern California and Arizona.
Where is 2nd Mef Located?
North and South Carolina.
Where is 3rd Mef Located?
Japan and Hawaii.
What four Parts does each standing MEF consist of?
Permenent CE
1 Mar Div
What are the four components of a MEB?
What is a MEB capable of?
Rapid Deployment and Employment via amphibious shipping, strategic airlift, marrying with MPF assests or any combination thereof.
What are the Components of a MEU(SOC?)
Reinforced Helo squadron (ACE)
What are the 7 Special Operations of a MEU (SOC?)
Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Specialized Demolitions
Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP)
Seizure/recovery of offshore energy facilities
Seizure/recovery of selected personnel or material
Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) of vessels
In-extremis hostage recovery
How many Standing MEU (SOC) CE's are there?
What MEU (SOC) CE's are located in 1st MEF?
11th, 13th and 15th MEU (SOC)
What MEU (SOC) CE's are located in 2nd MEF?
22d, 24th, and 26th MEU (SOC)
What MEU (SOC) CE is located in 3rd MEF?
31st MEU (SOC)
What are SPMAGTF's used for?
Used for a specific mission EX: disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, noncombatant evacuation, or unique instances where employment of one of the 3 basic MAGTF's would be inappropriate.
What Components are Required in a SPMAGTF?
GCE (at least Plt sized)
Who is the Reporting Senior?
Commanding Officers
Delegated Reporting Seniors
Delegation of reporting senior authority is an transfer of authority not by direction
Immediate Superiors in Command (ISICs)
Are authorized to assume the senior authority of subordinate commanding officers whose
Enlisted Reporting Seniors
CPO E7-E-9 may act as reporting seniors for E4 and below
Raters and Senior Raters
E6 and below reports require a rater, senior rater, and reporting senior. This allows Senior enlisted and junior officers to be included in the eval process. E7 or above or civillian equivalent
Performance counseling
CO's Program done Middle of eval period to show strengths and weakness's in hope of Motivation for improvement.
What are the 3 types of Reports?
Operational Commander
What is a Regular Report?
Foundation of performance Record Must cover day to day naval service on AD or Drilling reserves programs except Initial entry training and other limited circumstances
Concurrent Report
Provides for a record of significant preformance while in temp duty or additional duty and can not be submitted by anyone in members direct chain of command and must be counter signed by members reporting senior who has little authority to reject it.
Operational Commander Report
Opitional and can only be submitted on Commanding officers or OIC's by Operational Commanders who are nto their regular reporting seniors (do not have to be signed by reg reporting senior)
standard letter
Used to correspond officially within or outside DOD
Used primarily for transmitting Corespondance through chain of command but can also be used to redirect a letter
Provides a less formal way to correspond within and activity/command.
Whats in your Page 2?
Dependent info and emergency info.
What is in part 1 of Page 2?
Application of dependency allowances and military spouse data
What is in part 2 of Page 2?
Provides immediatley accessable, up to date emergency data including: Persons notified in case of death, Persons to recieve death gratuity when no spouse or child exhist, persons to recieved unpaid monies, who is to recieve pay if missing or pow, comercial ins. co's in case of death, and life insurance in effect.
What is in your Page 4?
Enlisted Qualifications History
What is in your Page 5?
History of Assignments
What is in Page 13?
Administrative remarks
Uniformed Code of Military Justice
What are the 3 types of Court Martial
What is a summary Court martial and what is maximum Punishments?
Composed of one AD commissioned Officer O-3 or higher. Can adjudge any punishment not forbiddend by UCMJ Except for Confinment more than 1 month with hard labor, Confinement more than 45 days, restriction for more than 2 months or forfeiture of more than 1 months pay. Less formal than other types and not used for officers no more than a reduction of one rank.
What is a Special Court martial and what is maximum Punishments?
Military judge alone or Miltary Judge and not less than 3 AD service members. (Max Punishments) Confinement for 6 months, hard labor without Confinement for 3 months, or Forfieture of 2/3 pay for 6 months, and reduction in rank.
What is a General Court martial and what is maximum Punishments?
Military judge alone or Military judge and not less than 5 impartial AD members. Lowest level authority to convene is usually a Commanding Gen of a Bas, Division, Wing or Equivalent. Punishment can be anything not forbidden by UCMJ.
When can NJP be administered?
For minor offenses of UCMJ where the max punishment does not include a dishonorable discharge.
How long do you have to appeal a NJP?
Must submit a written statement within 5 days of Imposition of the punishment.
Sexual Harassment
Any unwanted action or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, performance, or work environment.
Equal Opportunity
The absence of employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
any act that is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, harmful
an inappropriate relationship between a superior and a subordinate
suicide prevention program consist of what 4 elements?
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report lists all peronnel assigned and provides: statement of account of enlisted crewmembers, rate and rating summary of current and projected manning posture of the command. (12 sections)
What is in Sect 1-3 of EDVR?
1= prospective personel gains
2=prospective personel losses
3= Alphabetic listing of all enlisted Members assigned to activity
What is in Sect 4 of EDVR?
Total personel account of activity
What is in Sect 5 of EDVR?
Personnel Status Summary
What is in Section 6 of EDVR?
DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code
What is in Section 7 of EDVR?
Contains NEC billiet and personel inventory
What is in Section 8 of EDVR?
Contains list of individuals that have NEC's
What is in Section 9 and 10 of EDVR?
Contains the diary message summary and Duty preference listing
What is in Section 11 of EDVR?
Contains Individual Security data, PEBD, TIR, advancement date
What is in Section 12 of EDVR?
All Officers and Enlisted In TAD Status.