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  1. What MEU (SOC) CE's are located in 1st MEF?
  2. Where is Commanders of Marine Forces Command (MARFORCOM?)
  3. What is in part 1 of Page 2?
  4. Delegated Reporting Seniors
  5. Whats in your Page 2?
  1. a Delegation of reporting senior authority is an transfer of authority not by direction
  2. b Application of dependency allowances and military spouse data
  3. c Virginia
  4. d 11th, 13th and 15th MEU (SOC)
  5. e Dependent info and emergency info.

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  1. Contains Individual Security data, PEBD, TIR, advancement date
  2. Contains list of individuals that have NEC's
  3. Commanding Officers
  4. Contains the diary message summary and Duty preference listing
  5. CE
    Reinforced Helo squadron (ACE)

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  1. Performance counselingan inappropriate relationship between a superior and a subordinate


  2. What Does the Marine Division provide for the MEF?Task organized to conduct Ground missions in support of the MEF.


  3. Where is 1st MEF located?Southern California and Arizona.


  4. What is in Section 6 of EDVR?DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code


  5. What are the 2 parallel chains of command within the Marine Corps?Service and Operational