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  1. What is in your Page 4?
  2. What are the Components of a MEU(SOC?)
  3. Whats in your Page 2?
  4. UCMJ
  5. What does the MAW provide to the MEF?
  1. a Task organized to provide support to MEF mission by preforming some or all of 6 functions of Marine Corps aviation.
  2. b Uniformed Code of Military Justice
  3. c CE
    Reinforced Helo squadron (ACE)
  4. d Enlisted Qualifications History
  5. e Dependent info and emergency info.

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  1. Organized as MAGTFs and are either employes as part of Naval expiditionary forces or separately as part of larger joint or combined forces.
  2. Any unwanted action or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, performance, or work environment.
  3. Southern California and Arizona.
  4. Perform such other duties that the President may direct.
  5. CE

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  1. What is a MAGTF?A balanced and flexable task organized force that can respond to a contingency anywhere in the world and conduct a variety of missions.


  2. What is the Marine Security Gaurd (MSG?)DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code


  3. What is in Section 12 of EDVR?Contains Individual Security data, PEBD, TIR, advancement date


  4. What is in Section 7 of EDVR?DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code


  5. Where is Commanders of Marine Forces Command (MARFORCOM?)Virginia