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  1. What is in part 2 of Page 2?
  2. Where is Marine Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC?)
  3. Discuss Expand.
  4. What are the 3 types of Court Martial
  5. Discuss 1st Provide.
  1. a Summary
  2. b Expand peacetime components to meet wartime needs according to the Joint Mobilization plans.
  3. c Provides immediatley accessable, up to date emergency data including: Persons notified in case of death, Persons to recieve death gratuity when no spouse or child exhist, persons to recieved unpaid monies, who is to recieve pay if missing or pow, comercial ins. co's in case of death, and life insurance in effect.
  4. d Hawaii
  5. e Provide FMF's for service with US Fleet in seizure and defense of advance naval bases

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  1. Approximately 3400 Marines Who Protect Key Naval installations and facilities world Wide. This includes Marine barracks and security companies Conus and afloat.
  2. Provide Security for armed vessels, and Naval property at Naval Stations and Bases.
  3. Any unwanted action or activity of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, performance, or work environment.
  4. History of Assignments
  5. Enlisted Qualifications History

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  1. Fraternizationan inappropriate relationship between a superior and a subordinate


  2. What is a Special Court martial and what is maximum Punishments?Marine Corps Forces
    Marine Corps Security Forces
    Marine Security Gaurd


  3. Who is the Reporting Senior?Commanding Officers


  4. What is in Section 11 of EDVR?Contains NEC billiet and personel inventory


  5. What Components are Required in a SPMAGTF?CE
    GCE (at least Plt sized)