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  1. Raters and Senior Raters
  2. What is in Sect 4 of EDVR?
  3. Who is in the Service Chain of Command?
  4. Discuss Perform.
  5. What does MLG provide for the MEF?
  1. a Total personel account of activity
  2. b Perform such other duties that the President may direct.
  3. c Tasked organized to pass a full range of CSS functions and capabilities to support continued readiness and sustainability of the MEF.
  4. d President
    Secretary of Defense
    Secretary of Navy
    Comandant of the Marine Corps
  5. e E6 and below reports require a rater, senior rater, and reporting senior. This allows Senior enlisted and junior officers to be included in the eval process. E7 or above or civillian equivalent

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  1. Provide FMF's for service with US Fleet in seizure and defense of advance naval bases
  2. Uniformed Code of Military Justice
  3. Provides a less formal way to correspond within and activity/command.
  4. Military judge alone or Military judge and not less than 5 impartial AD members. Lowest level authority to convene is usually a Commanding Gen of a Bas, Division, Wing or Equivalent. Punishment can be anything not forbidden by UCMJ.
  5. Training

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  1. Discuss Expand.Provide FMF's for service with US Fleet in seizure and defense of advance naval bases


  2. Where is Commanders of Marine Forces Command (MARFORCOM?)Virginia


  3. Where is 3rd Mef Located?North and South Carolina.


  4. What are the 7 Special Operations of a MEU (SOC?)Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    Specialized Demolitions
    Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP)
    Seizure/recovery of offshore energy facilities
    Seizure/recovery of selected personnel or material
    Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) of vessels
    In-extremis hostage recovery


  5. Delegated Reporting SeniorsDelegation of reporting senior authority is an transfer of authority not by direction