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  1. What is in part 2 of Page 2?
  2. What is the purpose of Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC?)
  3. What is in Section 6 of EDVR?
  4. Enlisted Reporting Seniors
  5. Where is 1st MEF located?
  1. a CPO E7-E-9 may act as reporting seniors for E4 and below
  2. b DNEC Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification Code
  3. c Consist of the Commandant of the Marine Corps and all those who advise the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  4. d Provides immediatley accessable, up to date emergency data including: Persons notified in case of death, Persons to recieve death gratuity when no spouse or child exhist, persons to recieved unpaid monies, who is to recieve pay if missing or pow, comercial ins. co's in case of death, and life insurance in effect.
  5. e Southern California and Arizona.

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  1. Marine Corps Forces
    Marine Corps Security Forces
    Marine Security Gaurd
  2. Service and Operational
  3. Provide Marine forces for airborne operations according to the doctrine established by joint chiefs of staff.
  4. Commanding Officers
  5. Total personel account of activity

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  1. What does the MAW provide to the MEF?Marine Headquarters Group (MHG)
    Marine Aircraft Wing, air combat element (MAW) (ACE)
    Marine Division, Ground Combat Division (MARDIV) (GCE)
    Marine Logistics Group, Logistics Combat Element (MLG) (LCE)


  2. What is in Section 9 and 10 of EDVR?Contains the diary message summary and Duty preference listing


  3. What is in Page 13?History of Assignments


  4. Discuss 2nd Develop.Develop Doctrine, Procedures and Equipment for Airborne operations.


  5. EDVREnlisted Distribution Verification Report lists all peronnel assigned and provides: statement of account of enlisted crewmembers, rate and rating summary of current and projected manning posture of the command. (12 sections)


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