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  1. Enlisted Reporting Seniors
  2. What are the 2 parallel chains of command within the Marine Corps?
  3. What is in Sect 1-3 of EDVR?
  4. Raters and Senior Raters
  5. What are the Components of a MEU(SOC?)
  1. a Service and Operational
  2. b CPO E7-E-9 may act as reporting seniors for E4 and below
  3. c 1= prospective personel gains
    2=prospective personel losses
    3= Alphabetic listing of all enlisted Members assigned to activity
  4. d E6 and below reports require a rater, senior rater, and reporting senior. This allows Senior enlisted and junior officers to be included in the eval process. E7 or above or civillian equivalent
  5. e CE
    Reinforced Helo squadron (ACE)

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  1. Provide Marine forces for airborne operations according to the doctrine established by joint chiefs of staff.
  2. 11th, 13th and 15th MEU (SOC)
  3. Contains the diary message summary and Duty preference listing
  4. A balanced and flexable task organized force that can respond to a contingency anywhere in the world and conduct a variety of missions.
  5. Task organized to provide support to MEF mission by preforming some or all of 6 functions of Marine Corps aviation.

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  1. What is a Regular Report?Foundation of performance Record Must cover day to day naval service on AD or Drilling reserves programs except Initial entry training and other limited circumstances


  2. Where is 2nd Mef Located?North and South Carolina.


  3. When can NJP be administered?North and South Carolina.


  4. What is in Section 7 of EDVR?Contains NEC billiet and personel inventory


  5. Who is in the Service Chain of Command?President
    Secretary of Defense
    Commanders of Combatant Commands