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zhe4 - this

lai2 - come

guo2 - nation, country

dao1 - to, torwards

shuo1 - explain

wei2 - do, act, be

di4 - earth

chu1 - go out, come out

dao4 - way, go

shi1 - season, period

nian2 - year

de1 - adverbial particle

jiu4 - just

na4 - that

yao4 - want

yi3 - use, take

sheng1 - give birth

hui4 - can

zi4 - from, since

zhe1 - verb particle marking a continuing progress/state

qu4 - go

zhi1 - it

guo4 - pass

xue2 - study, learn

dui4 - correct

ke3 - able

li3 - neighborhood

hou4 - after, behind

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