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  1. Beiret reagent is used to identify...
  2. High power objective lens is?
  3. In Bieuret Reagent the color purple indicates?
  4. What is used to rotate the objective lens?
  5. Iris/ diaphragm is used to change the intensity of what?
  1. a Protiens
  2. b light
  3. c The presence of a protein
  4. d Nose piece
  5. e 40

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  1. 1000
  2. Mehanical Stage
  3. Yes
  4. Blue-Black
  5. Yes

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  1. Low poser has a total magnification of ?100


  2. What is used to change the Field of view?Nose piece


  3. Is an onion a good example of a sugar?Yes


  4. Emulsified oil turns what color?White


  5. Scaaning power has an objective lens of ?40