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PheomelaninMelanin that is red to yellowskeletal systemThe physical foundation of the body, composed of the bones, movable and immovable joints areDetergents/CleansersSoaps and detergents that remove dirt and debris from the skinBotanicalsIngredients that are extracted from plantsPolarityNegative or positive pole of an electric currentlaserA medical device that uses electromagnetic radiation for hair removal and skin treatmentsImpetigoA contagious bacterial infection often occurring in children that is characterized by clusters of small blisters or crusty lesions .ContraindicationsFor guests with medical or skin conditions , these factors prohibit treatment because the treatment could cause harmful or negative side effectsbasal cell carcinoma (BCC)The most common and least severe type of skin cancer , which often appears as light, pearly nodules but could also present with sores,reddish patches or smooth growth with an elevated borderHumerusThe uppermost and largest bone in the arm, it extends from the elbow to the shoulderHormonesSecretions, such as insulin, adrenaline, and estrogen, that stimulate functional activity or other secretions in the body. Hormones influence the welfare of the entire body.CosmesuticlesProducts intended to snippet skins health and appearanceFrontalThe artery that supplies blood to the forehead and upper eyelidHeartThe muscular cone shaped organ that moves blood throughout the circulatory system5th cranial nerveChief sensory nerve of the face; controls chewingTricepsThe large muscle that covers the entire back of the upper arms and extends the forearmsCraniumThe oval bone that encases and protects the brainLanguerhans immune cellsGuard cells of immune system that sense unrecognized antigens such as bacteria and then process these antigens for removal through the lymph systemLucidumThe clear transparent layer of the epidermis under the stratum corneumA colorless, jelly like substance in cells that contains food elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals salts and waterProtoplasmScapulaOne of a pair of large, flat triangular bones of the shouldersympathetic nervous systemThe part of the autonomic nervous system that stimulates or speeds up activity and prepares the body from stressful situations such as running from dangerous situationsNeuronThe basic unit of the nervous system consisting of a cell body , nucleus, dendrites and axonPlasmaThe fluid part of the blood and lymph that carries food and secretions to the cells and carbon dioxide from the cellsRespirationThe act of breathing by inhaling and exhalingExfoliatingPeeling or soughing of the outer layer of skinThe distance between two successive peaks of electromagnetic waveswavelengthsA thinning of the bones that leave them fragile and prone to fracturesOsteoporosisThe process used to soften and emulsify sebum and blackheads that have collected in the folliclesDesincrustationAmino acids that can be created by the body and do not have to be obtained from dietNon essentialAn apparatus that changes direct current to alternating current isRectifierThe muscle that coordinates with the temporalis, medical pterygoid and lateral pterygoid muslces to perform the motion of chewingMasstierThe chief motor nerve of the face7th cranial nerveA unit that measures the resistance of an electric currentOhmA light emitting diode for use on guests to stimulate circulation along with collagen and elastin productionsRed lightThermal heat facial masks containing special crystals or gypsum plaster like ingredientModelageIngredient derived from yeast cells that is anti inflammatory and moisturizingJojobaOil that is chemically combined with silicon and oxygen and leaves a noncomedogenic protective film on the surface of the skinSiliconeGlands that secrete about 30 steroid hormones and control metabolic processes of the body, including the fight or flight responseAdrenal gland