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The first diocese of the United States was in the city of
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What was the first modern social encyclical?Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of Labor)The first bishop of the USJohn CarrollThe three waves of immigration to the US in the 19th and 20th centuries were, in order:Irish > German > Italian/Eastern EuropeanWho were the Know Nothings?A political party who protested the influx of Catholic immigrantsby 1704 non-catholics outnumbered catholics in maryland and catholics began to be discriminated aganistTruea widow with 5 children she founded of the sisters of charity known for their education of young people she was the 1st native born american to be canonizedSt. Elizabeth Ann SetonThe first black priest ordained for ministry in the United States.Augustus ToltonIs an economic system based on the private ownership of goods and the free market system.CapitalismParish schools are also known as _____________________ schoolsparochiala system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled nu a totalitarian gov dominated by a single political partyCommunismteaching letters from the pope to the members of the church on topics of social justice human rights and peaceSocial encyclicalsThis was one cause of Irish Catholic immigration to the United States in the 19th century.Potato famineWe ALL have a responsibility and obligation to help those who are vulnerable.TrueEastern Catholics have their own canon law and unique liturgical customs.TrueThe US Constitution and the Bill of Rights only served to worry American Catholics.FalseAmerican Catholics wanted their first bishop to be from Rome.FalseWhich of the following is true of the Industrial Revolution?Technological advances that help us all Workers were often exploited, esp. children and immigrants Low wages were seen as nec. for owners to stay competitivethe 4th bishop of philadelphia established the 1st diocesan school system he was the 1st american bishop to be canonizedJohn NeumannThe age of reason was during which two centuries?17th and 18thWhich of these is an enlightenment philosopher?all of theseThe Enlightenment gave way to what revolutions?American and FrenchT/F: The French were ready for a revolution because of heavy taxation and food shortagesTrueT/F The Founding Fathers of the US used language from Enlightenment philosophersTrueThis means literally "from the chair"Ex CathedraEncyclical/Pius IX/condemnation of fideism, pantheism, rationalism, socialism, modernism, etc.A Syllabus of ErrorsT/F Isaac Newton found no conflict between faith and reasonTrueImmaculate Conception: This is that ___________was conceived without sinMaryWhich 'estate' were the common people?ThirdT/F The Church flourished after the French Revolution was overTrueTeachings recog. as central to Church teaching, from Magisterium/fullest weight &authorityDogmaFrench prison that was a symbol of the monarchy's oppression. Stormed @ beg. of revolutionBastilleAn assembly made up of representatives from three main groups, called "estates," in France.Estates GeneralThe belief that God exists and created the world but not active in the universe or human life.DeismHe was King during the French Revolution. He lost his head...Louis XVIThe set of laws that provide for the governing of the Church and her members.Canon LawUniverse regulated by universal natural laws that canbe explained by science Human reason=truthRationalismT/F: French revolutionaries sought to protect the Catholic Church.FalseT/F: Pope Pius IX promoted the frequent reception of the sacraments.TrueT/F: Papal infallibility applies to everything that the Pope says and writes.FalseT/F: Pope Pius IX lost the Papal States to French revolutionaries.FalsePope for 32 years, he called Vatican I.Pius IXBc teaching on the earth rotating around the sun, this astronomer was condemned by the ChurchGalileoThe Philosophy that all human knowledge comes through the senses and experience everything we need to know about the world we can know from observing hearing tasting touching and smellingEmpiricismthis English philosopher proposed that a legitimate government functions to protect citizens individual rights to life liberty health and ownership of property he also tried to prove Christian beliefs as true because they could be proven by human experienceLockeVatican Council I affirmed the doctrine of infallibility under which circumstance?When the pope speaks "ex cathedra"Who invented the printing press?GutenbergThe selling of what spurred Martin Luther to write his grievances with the church?indulgencesWhat was Luther's letter called (that was nailed on the door of a church)?95 ThesesWho was the infamous monk known for his selling of indulgences to fund church projectsTetzelWhere does the Renaissance begin?FlorenceTrue/False: Renaissance means rebirthTrueWhat was the council that addressed the Protestant Reformation?The Council of TrentWho created the idea of predestination?ZwingliWhich denomination you followed was largely based on where you _____________livedTrue/False: Martin Luther was excommunicatedTrueFra Angelico, DaVinci, Michelangelo are all Renaissance...artistsTrue/False: Luther intended to branch off from the ChurchFalseThe Calvinists rejected what teaching about the Eucharist/Communion?Real PresenceWritings about Jesus or the Christian message not accepted as part of the canon of scripture.apocryphaThis book standardizes the celebration of the liturgy and isn't updated until 1970.Roman MissalFounded the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, after the death of her husbandSt. Jane Frances de ChantalThis manual was published as a way to implement the teachings of the Council of TrentRoman CatechismWhat branch of Christianity results from King Henry's break from the Church?AnglicanSought to revive classical learning &promote achievements in scholarship/art/music/architectureHumanismTrue/False: The Council of Trent took many years, had many halts and restartsTrueJesuit order was founded by this person, a soldier who was seriously injured, studied saintsSt. Ignatius of LoyolaThe belief that each person's fate after death is already determined & that no one changepredestinationThe Council of Trent inaugurated the ______, outlining reform and clarifying points of doctrineCatholic Reformationa German Augustinian monk and scholar known for sparking the Protestant ReformationMartin LutherTrue/False: Many new denominations resulted from LutheranismTruean invitation toward conversion which happens as a response to God through the active life of faith it involves removal of the sin and the gift of God's sanctifying grace to renew holinessjustificationFounded the order Discalced Carmelites, emphasizes poverty, simplicity, contemplation, &prayerSt. Teresa of AvilaWhy did King Henry VIII want to break from the Church?He wanted to annul his marriageCalvinists rejectReal Presence in the EucharistWhich two sacraments did Luther accept?Baptism and EucharistAfter Luther translates the bible into German, it...copied on the printing press for manyDiscalced meanswithout shoesWhat fraction of Europe died from the plague?1/3True/False: Crusaders were always noble in their actionsFalseWhat percentage of heretics were put to death during the Medieval Inquisition?1%One reason for the first Crusade wasTo take back the Holy Land from the Turkish MuslimsWhat French city did the pope move the papacy to?AvignonAnd then he appointed 9 new French ___________________-cardinalsA split within the Church that lasts for 129 yrs, when there were 2or 3claimants to the papacyGreat Papal SchismWhat was the name of the council that ended the schism?ConstanceWhich order does Clare model her monastery after?FranciscanTrue/False: Cathedrals took 10-20 years to build.FalseThe Order of Preachers is also known as the ___________________-DominicansTrue/False: most sentences for heretics was a penance like fastingTrueName of the order that is based on Benedictine principles that lead a truly hermetic lifestyle?CarthusianMembers of the these orders involved themselves in the world, based on the term "begging"mendicantAn order characterized by how they imitate Christ and his poverty by begging for sustenanceFranciscanthis is a method of thinking, teaching and writing also involves posing a questions addressing objections reaching a resolution while arriving at the truth by dialogue with reasoned argumentsScholasticism'bought' privileges that offer release of punishment that would be suffered in purgatoryindulgencesthe Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist through the transformation of bread and wineTransubstantiationcredited with persuading Pope Greg XI to return the Church's headquarters from Avignon to RomeSt. Catherine of SienaThis means that Catholics must receive the Eucharist during the Easter season.Easter dutyThe Medieval Inquisition called to address the issue of ___, which advocated incorrect teachingheresiesWho were the leaders of the Spanish Inquisition?Ferdinand and IsabellaA person who regularly has an intense experience of the presence and power of GodmysticThey saw the created world as evil, opposed the priesthood, &rejected the dogma of the EucharistalbigensiansWas a Dominican scholastic and Doctor of the Church who wrote Summa TheologicaSt. Thomas AquinasWealthy kid who had a conversion exp. that resulted in his founding of the 1st mendicant orderSt. FrancisThis practice refers to displaying and praying before the exposed Blessed SacramentEucharistic AdorationChurch lawCanonHe called the Lateran Council IV, affirmed two new mendicant orders, and called the 4th CrusadePope Innocent IIIHe encountered heresies &envisioned a religious order that combats heresies through preachingSt. Dominic de GuzmanType of cathedral architecture characterized by slim towers, stained glass, &flying buttressesGothicType of cathedral characterized by massive pillars with rounded edges, columns, & a stone roof.RomanesqueThe Spanish Inquisition was established for which purpose?stamping out any opposition thru conformity to CatholicismT/F: In the 4th Crusade, the e/w divide was cemented by the crusaders pillaging ConstantinopleTrueT/F The pope lost control of the Spanish Inquisition &it was led by the Spanish monarchyTruet/f Early universities were a type of corporation modeled on the craftsmen guilds of the periodTrueT/F: Cathedrals were built by highly sophisticated cranes powered by electricity.FalseT/F In transubstantiation, the substance remains the same and the accidents changeFalseT/F: Western Monasticism began in RomeFalseGathering of bishops from around the world called the Pope to address issues in the Churchecumenical councilThis was considered the first ecumenical councilCouncil of NicaeaBeing silently present or attentive to the loving God.contemplationWhen an emperor named his own pope when there was already a popeantipopeCalled by Constantine, this council addressed the issue of Arianism and = the Nicene Creed.Council of NicaeaThis council = theology of the hypostatic union+ the Bishop of Rome as the highest authorityCouncil of ChalcedonDebates btw Nestorius&Cyril, this council declares Jesus divine from birth &Mary=Mother of GodCouncil of EphesusCouncil also addresses Arianism, confirms the Nicene Creed &confirms the divinity of His SpiritCouncil of ConstantinopleMonk = following a common rule, &vows of poverty, chastity, &obedience, built monte cassinoSt. BenedictPope during turbulent time, says Pope, not emperor, has jurisdiction over church mattersSt. LeoThe pioneer hermitSt. AnthonyFounder of IslamMohammedIslamic scriptureKoranTo say that Mary is theotokos meansshe is the God-bearerThis heresy denies Jesus' full divinity, thus saying he cannot redeem usarianismCharlemagne forced conversions ofconquered people to Christianity during his military campaignsTrueT/F: Today, the Eastern Orthodox Church sees the Pope as their head.FalseT/F: The Western Roman E collapsed in the 4th C and the Eastern Roman E lasted until the 600s.FalseT/F: During this time period, the most common language spoken by the people was English.FalseT/F: The Papal States still remain an independent country under the rule of the Papacy today.FalseWhich of the following is not a belief of the Muslim religion?Jesus is part of the TrinityThis heresy denies the divinity of the Holy SpiritMacedonianismHeresy -Mary gave birth to human Jesus, not the divine, splitting Jesus into 2 separate personsNestorianismThere have been ____ ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church.21The Donation of Pepin isthe giving of the Papal States to the churchT/F: Christendom was at its height when Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 800TrueThe buying or selling of something spiritual, like a church officeSimonyThroughout our history, 33 who have defended, defined and discovered the truths of ChristianityChurch DoctorsThe deliberate destruction of religious symbols.IconoclasmThe union of Jesus' divine and human natures in one Divine PersonHypostatic UnionPrime Minister of Gaul whose victories kept the Muslims from advancing into Europe.Charles MartelA scholar and a monk, he is known for translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek to LatinSt. JeromeThe Great Schism was between the _____ and ____ churchesEast and WestWhich church spoke Latin?West/RomanOne reason for the schism was the Patriarch of C believed that the Emperor should call councilsTruehe is known for his contributions to the development of monasticm creating a new rules for the monasteries to live by in order to create more common practicesBasilHis extensive writings, including City of God, have had profound influence on Christian thoughtSt. AugustineDeveloped a system of charity for the poor, dev. schools for priests, new liturgical reforms.St. Gregory the GreatT/F: Monasteries served as centers of stability during the disintegration of the Western EmpiretrueSacramentscome from Jesus the original sign and sacrament of our salvation. Visible signs of invisible realities, through the holy spiritApostolic successionapostles are ordained bishops through history and today.Great Commissionthe sending out of the apostles before his AscensionMagisteriumthe church's living teaching office which consists of all bishops in communion with the Pope the bishops of Rome.Charisma special gift or grace of the Holy Spirit given an individual Christian or community commonly for the benefit and building up the entire ChurchGracethe free and undeserved gif of God's loving and acting presence in our lives empowering us to respond to his call and to live as his adopted sons and daughters Grace restores our loving communion with the Holy Trinity lost through sinSacred Traditionthe church hands on the gospel message and interpretation.Deposit of Faithsacred tradition + sacred scripture = the heritage of faith that is the Deposit of Faith.Martyrdomwitness to the saving message of Christ through the sacrifice of one's life.Presbyterpriests, lead individual churches.Heresyincorrect or false teaching.What is the 'old covenant'?With Abraham and his descendants- they would be as many as the starts. God's love, fidelity, and mercy endures through all the ups and downs. Finally welcomed back to Israel by King Cyrus and the Roman occupier's took over, prophets preach of one would save themWho fulfills the 'new covenant'?JesusWhat did Jesus leave for the Church?A structure Signs of his self-giving love: the SacramentsWhat is the PentecostBirthday of the church. Apostles are hidden, holy spirit comes upon them and they are no longer afraid bust out ready to share the good news.What were early followers of Jesus called?Followers of The WayWho was Paul? What happened to him? What did he do? Why is he important?a man named Saul who was persecuting them. Had a conversion, takes on the name Paul. Spreads the gospel to the Gentiles through his teachings and letters.Who was the first pope?PeterThe Pope is the bishop of what city?RomeWhat are some examples of how Peter was clearly the leader of the early church?he gave the 1st witness after the Pentecost , he chose the replacement for Judas, was an influence on the accepting of the Gentiles into the ChurchWhat four criteria had to be present for a book to be included in the canon of the New Testament?They 4 criteria's are Apostolic, Community Acceptance, Liturgical, Consistent.What year was the official NT canon decided400What does "The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians" mean for the development of the early church?It means that as more and more Christian's were getting killed more and more people started to become Christian and join the faithEarly worship: what was read?Reading from Old Testament and a Reading from Paul's lettersWas early worship very similar to ours?YesWho is Timothy?Writes his letters to instruct these church leaders on their various tasks within the churchWhat was the role of: bishopto proclaim the faith and to plant Christ's kingdom on earth, guide the churchesWhat was the role of: Presbyters (Priest)to lead individual churches, plant Christ's kingdom on earthWhat was the role of: Deacon/deaconessbegan as a need for help in the churches, example: distribution of food to widows and those in need.What is the order of the hierarchy today?Pope, Cardinals, Bishops/Archbishops, Priests, Deacons, Lay PeopleWhat is an apologist? What is their purpose?one who speaks or writes in defense of someone or something. Their purpose was to share the truth they found in the teachings of Jesus and his defend ChristianityWho is St. Ignatius of Antioch?Wrote 7 letters of encouragement and instruction to Christians, said to remain faithful to your bishops, and used eucharistic symbol to face his martyrdom.Who is Justin Martyr?A Gentile, he wrote 1st apology, 2nd apology, and Dialogue with the Jew Tryphon, they include details of his life and conversion. Inspired by Christians being "intrepid in the face of death and all that men fear." he was Martyred for refusing to offer pagan sacrifices.Who is St. IrenaeusPriest the bishop in Lyons, fights against the heresy of Gnosticism, writings that survived: Against HeresiesWhat is the heresy Gnosticism?Believed that a mysterious 'secret' knowledge known by a favored few would earn salvation physical world interior to spiritual world, so denies Jesus' humanity.Who was Constantine? What happened to him?Made emperor on 306 by Roman troops, but a rivial emperor engages him in battle. Not Christian until baptized before death. Had a vision that he would win an important battle through a special sign. Issued the Edict of Milan granting freedom of worship moved the capital to a small town that he named Constantinople. Began to interfere in church matters.What is XP/Chi Rho?The first 2 Greek letters of Christ's namesWhat is the Edict of Milan?It granted freedom of worship for the Christians in the Roman Empire.Where does Constantine move the capital of the Empire and what results from that?A small town Byzantium which he named Constantinople. The style of worship will develop different in the east and the west.Why and how were early Christians persecuted? In your answer name one Emperor that persecuted the Christians.Their land was taken away. They were killed, they couldn't practice their faith in the open. Emperor Nero started a fire and blamed the Christians so he had a reason to kill them .What was the first church Council (name it) and why was it called? What was the decision?the council of Jerusalem. The decision was no the didn't need to follow Jewish law, but must follow a few simple laws - related to dietary and sexual immorality