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Increasing numbers of employers are seeking. Managed care contacts with preferred provider organizations and health maintenance organizations to insure their works against industrial accidents and illnesses.


All state workers compensation laws are compulsory.


Minors are not covered by workers compensation

False. They are

Waiting periods affect workers compensation medical and hospital benefits


chiropractic care is a medical benefit offered with state workers compensation.


It is believed that the longer the injured person remains out of work the better the chance of recovery and return to the workplace.


The OSHA act provides that if a state submits an OSHA plan and it is approved by the government the. The state may assume responsibility for carrying out OSHA policies and procedures and is excluded from federal jurisdiction.


Authentication to treat a patient with an industrial injury may be obtained over the telephone


A narrative industrial medical report should include only objective findings and not subjective factors.


In an industrial case the physicians office may collect all amounts not covered by the workers compensation fee schedule


The statutes for workers compensation law fall under

Federal and state compensation law

An abnormal coedition caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment is termed a/an

Occupational illness.

The simplest type of workers compensation claim is

Nondisability. (ND)

Nonschedule injury may include


In a PD claim the physicians final report must include the words

Permanent and stationary

A processing in which an attorney asks a witness questions regarding a case and the. Witness anwers


Which is the correct procedure for keeping an industrial patients financial and health records when the same physician is also seeing the patient as a private patient?


Supplemental reports for patients on temporary disability should be sent to the insurance carrier

After every office visit

A/An. Is an unplanned and unexpected happening traceable to a definite time and causing injury (damage or loss) not due to any fault on the part of the person injured.


Rehabilitation in the form of retraining education and job guidance and placement to assist an injured individual in finding work is call

Vocational rehabilitation

An individualized program of therapy using siemulated of real work was
To build up strength an improve a workers endurance toward a full days work is called

Work hardening

A/a. Evaluation of the worksite may be performed and modifications may be instituted to lessen the possibility of future injury.


a physician hired by the insurance company or appointed by the referee or appeals board to examine an injured worker and render an unbiased opinion regarding the degree of disability is referred to as a/an

Medical evaluator

Name the three types of state workers compensation disability claims

1.nondisability claim
2.temporary disability claim
3.permanent disability claim

What formal report is sometimes required is sometimes required to inform the insurace carrier that the patient t is able to return to work?


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