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Most eukaryotic cells have one membrane bound ______ that contains the genetic material


which of the following structures is characteristic of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

cell membrane

gated channels are especially important in regulating the transport of ______ across a plasma membrane


bulk movement of water across a plasma membrane


true regarding active transport?

requires energy

peptides and small peptides are too largeto be transported, moved by


which of the following organelles is responsible for the production of lipids?

smooth endoplasmic reticulum

lysosomes dissolve, they become

residual bodies

products of endoplasmic reticulum are transported to the golgi apparatus by


muscle cells require more energy, so they have more

glycogen, mitochondria

to increase surface area of cells, the plasma membrane possess


internal support network for the cell


cell division- genetic material distributed equally by


chemical reactions that result in synthesis of large molecules


stage of catabolism of glucose splits glucose into two 3carbon molecules


immediately after a meal, what is first used by cells as an energy source?


characteristics true for eukaryotes EXCEPT

genetic material is maintained as DNA

oxygen and carbon dioxide are able to pass through plasma membrane of the cell because

both lipid soluble

NOT true regarding receptor proteins

all cells have the same

which step in the breakdown of glucose can be performed without oxygen?


burning sensation associated with muscle fatigue


muscle cells store energy in the form of ____


evolution of multicellular organisms confers all of the advantages EXCEPT

rarely specialized

tissues can respond to the environment by generating electric signals


tissue lining the mouth


muscle responsible for involuntary contractions of the stomach


holds organs in position

areolar tissue

true regarding endocrine glands

produce and secrete hormones

characteristic of exocrine gland but not an endocrine gland

requires duct

find cartilage

between the vertebrae



true regarding glial cells

protect neurons

abdominal cavity is separated from the thoracic cavity by the


tissue membrane between bones and joints


lines the airways and digestive tract


present to ensure adjacent cells are packed close together

tight junctions

blister develops when excessive rubbing of the ____ and ______ separate

epidermis, dermis

true regarding negative feedback system

restores homeostasis

not found in the dermis

pleural cavity

NOT a function of the skin

storage of calcium

positive feedback control occurs


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