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What Field Manual covers Map Reading and Land Navigation?
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What Army Regulation & DA PAM covers Uniform Wear and Appearance?AR 670-1, DA PAM 670-1What Field Manual covers Army Physical Readiness Training?FM 7-22What Army Doctrine covers SHARP, Army Leadership?ADRP 6-22What Army Regulation covers Army Body Composition?AR 600-9What Field Manual covers Basic Marksmanship?FM 3-22.9What Army Doctrine covers Training?ADRP 7-0What Training Circular covers Drill and Ceremony?TC 3-21.5What Army Regulation covers Uniform and Awards?AR 600-8-22What Field Manual covers Maintenance, CBRN?FM 21-10What Army Regulation covers Supply Economy?AR 710-2What Army Regulation covers Army Command Policy?AR 600-20