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Major sources of air pollution, the causes of smog and acid rain and the improvement of air quality

Air Pollution

What affects health of humans and other living things.


Harmful substances in the air, water, or soil.

Natural Sources

Forest Fires, soil erosion, dust storms, mold, pollens, and erupting volcanoes are what?

Farming, Construction, and Burning of Fossil Fuels

What human Activities effect air quality?


What is smoke or soot and fog?

London type Smog

Particles in coal smoke combine w/ water droplets in humid air.

Photochemical Smog

Forms in sunny cities when sunlight reacts w/ pollutants such as hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides to form brown haze.


Is in the troposphere and is a pollutant that irritates eyes, throat, lungs, and harms plants.

Acid Rain

Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides combine w/ water in the air to form nitric acid and sulfuric acid which are carried to Earth in precipitation; damages plants, animals, buildings, and statues.

Environmental Protection Agency

Is a federal agency monitors air pollutants.


Air quality has ... in the U.S over the past 30yrs.

Cars and Power Plants

If we increase the number of .... and more .... ..... are increasing the air pollution.

By hydrocarbons combined w/ nitrogen oxides to form smog. By Nitrogen oxides combining with sulfur oxides and water to form acid rain.

Explain how nitrogen oxides form acid rain and smog.

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