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Kyo cha rip cha say

crossed legged stance

bahl cha gi chun bee

ready for kick stance

sa go rip cha say

open horse riding stance

yuk soo kong kyuk

defense/punch front stance

yuk jin kong kyuk

reverse punch/fighting stance

toro chun dan kong kyuk

alternate lunging punch attack

ee ji kong kyuk

double finger attack

pahl put kee

front center punch in horse stance

Bal Ba dak mit

bottom of foot

bal yup koom chi

outer edge of foot

bal ahp koom chi

ball of foot

bal dueng


bal dwee koom gi


il soo sik deh ryun

one step sparring

sam soo sik deh ryun

three step sparring

ja yu deh ryun

free sparring

jua deh ryun

sparring from a seated position

wa deh ryun

sparring from a lying down position

bong deh ryun

sparring with a stick or staff

da soo in deh ryun

sparring against 2 or more

took soo deh ryun

special sparring

dan do deh ryun

short knife sparring

sil chay deh ryun

full contact sparring

gun nuhn deh ryun

non contact sparring

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