24 terms

Advanced Terminology Tang Soo Do

Kyo cha rip cha say
crossed legged stance
bahl cha gi chun bee
ready for kick stance
sa go rip cha say
open horse riding stance
yuk soo kong kyuk
defense/punch front stance
yuk jin kong kyuk
reverse punch/fighting stance
toro chun dan kong kyuk
alternate lunging punch attack
ee ji kong kyuk
double finger attack
pahl put kee
front center punch in horse stance
Bal Ba dak mit
bottom of foot
bal yup koom chi
outer edge of foot
bal ahp koom chi
ball of foot
bal dueng
bal dwee koom gi
il soo sik deh ryun
one step sparring
sam soo sik deh ryun
three step sparring
ja yu deh ryun
free sparring
jua deh ryun
sparring from a seated position
wa deh ryun
sparring from a lying down position
bong deh ryun
sparring with a stick or staff
da soo in deh ryun
sparring against 2 or more
took soo deh ryun
special sparring
dan do deh ryun
short knife sparring
sil chay deh ryun
full contact sparring
gun nuhn deh ryun
non contact sparring