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Speed limit signs tell you the _________________ speed for the area beginning at the location of the sign under _________ conditions. You must reduce your speed_____________ a sign that lowers the speed limit. You may not begin to increase your speed until______________ a sign that increases the speed limit.maximum legal. ideal. before reaching. after passing.____________signs are yellow and indicate a potential hazard ahead. Most warning signs are _________shaped and should be read from bottom up to the topwarning. diamondA round yellow sign indicates that you are approaching a ______________________and you should look left and right for a train. A white "X" (crossbucks) sign will be at the tracksrailroad crossingWhat is the fine for parking in a handicapped space?$250A ___________is a white line near an intersection with a stop sign indicating where to stop your vehicle. If there is no stop line present then stop your vehicle before crossing the___________ and if none, the before the ___________ (before entering the intersection)stop line. crosswalk. curb lineYou can not turn through a bike lane line if the line is ________solidA two-way turn lane is a lane that separates two directions of traffic with a lane in the center to use for_____ turns in either direction. You must use this lane for left turns when it is present. You cannot use this lane for __________, U-turns,or driving for more than 300'left. passingBicycles should ride ________the flow of vehicles and as far to the _________ as possiblewith. rightYou must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at __________ and _________________crosswalks. intersectionsThe 3 right-of-way rules for establishing a 4-way-stop are: (fill in the blank)1. The vehicle to enter the intersection first, goes first 2.If two or more vehicles arrive at the same time, yield to the vehicle on your right 3.A vehicle making a left turn yields to oncoming trafficYou are not required to stop for the school bus if you are ______________traffic and the road: (fill in the blank)1.Has three or more marked lanes of traffic 2.Is separated by a median 3.Is separated by a physical barrierIPDE stands forIdentify, Predict, Determine, ExecuteDo not park within ___ from a fire hydrant15' (ft)You must park within___ of a curb12" (in)Do not park within 30' of a _____or_________ sign or a traffic signalstop. yieldIf you are parking on an uphill with a curb, then also turn your wheels _________ from the curbawayIf you are parking on a downhill with a curb, then turn your wheels __________ the curbtowardsIf you are parking on a hill with no curb, then turn your wheels __________ the edge of the roadtowardThe color of the curb indicates other parking restrictions. Match these colors and descriptions white= red= yellow= blue= green=white=short stops only red=reserved for emergency vehicles only yellow=loading and unloading of freight blue=reserved for disabled persons/handicapped green=short-term parking onlyWhen there are no speed limit signs___________, then follow the WA required speed limits of: __ school zones __ inside city limits __ outside city limitsposted. 20 school zones 25 inside city limits 50 outside city limitsIf you are approaching an intersection with reduced visibility or a potential ________, then remove your foot from the accelerator and hold it ______ the brake pedal to be prepared to stop suddenly _____________________________________hazard. over. this is called covering the breakDistracted driving is also known as __________________Inattentional blindnessThe single biggest contributor to collisions is failing to _______ what is happening. Look ahead, to the _______, and behind yousee. sidesTo be a good driver you need to scan at least __ seconds ahead15By law you must use your headlights from a ___________after sunset to a half hour before _________. Use your lights anytime it is getting dark or difficult to see or be seenhalf hour. sunriseUse your______________ when visibility is reduced. Dim the high beams when within 500' of an _________ car or when within 300' of a car your are __________high beams. oncoming. followingHand signals:Left hand up=right turn Left hand straight out=left turn Left hand pointed down=slow or stopTo prevent a rear end collision maintain a space cushion (following distance) in front of you of __seconds at speeds under 30 mph and of __ seconds at speeds over 30 mph3. 4You must maintain a distance of______ behind an emergency vehicle with lights/sirens on500'When riding at night a bicycle must have a ____________ visible for 500' and a red reflector on the back visible from ______________awayheadlights. 600'Motorcycles can ___________ faster and stop in a shorter distance than cars. Maintain a safe following distanceaccelerateTrucks, buses, and vehicles pulling trailers need more space to make a____________ turn. Except the vehicle to signal to the _________ and then move to the left lane and make a________ turn through the intersectionright. right. wideThe 4 steps to properly handle a country curve (write it out)1.Brake while straight to the advisory speed limit (ASL) 2.Scan far around the curve to aim your steering and identify hazards 3.Began steering and then release the break 4.Accelerate about half way through and out of the curveLEGAL:the yellow line is dashed and you will not exceed the speed limit during the passSAFE:Step 1: Pass another vehicle 10mph faster than they are traveling Step 7: Return to your lane when you can see the headlights of the car you passed in your rearview mirrorList the 3 questions I must answer yes to before attempting to pass another vehicle on a two-way. Two-lane roadwayIs it Legal Is it Safe Is it NecessaryIf you are traveling under the speed limit and you have __ or more vehicles behind you, then you are required to pull over and let them pass5Do not _____ the brakes all of the way down the hill. Let the vehicle ________ and only brake as needed to avoid overheating your brakes, called_____________coast. coast. brake fadeFollow these simple rules for driving safely on the expressway1.Stay centered in your lane. Aim your steering far ahead 2.Maintain a consistent speed. Scan your speedometer often 3.Stay out of other vehicles blind spot 4.Do not brake unless necessary (you need at least 4)You're approaching an entrance ramp. Someone is coming in to merge. What's your first instinct? ________move left or slow downIn the city under normal driving conditions we should maintain a following distance of __________3 secondsAt a speed of 55 mph you will need approximately __ seconds to pass another vehicle10___________ areas will freeze first and dry out last. Watch as you transition into shaded areasshadedOverpasses and ____________ do not have the warm earth underneath them so they will be _________ when the other road is notbridges. slipperyRoads will be most slippery as _____ first begins to fall on hot days as it mixes with the oil and dirt in the asphalt and brings it to the road surfacerain_____________ is when your tires lose contact with the road surface and ______. If this happens, ease off the ___ pedal and keep steering straight. Do not brake or turn until your tires are in _________ with the road surfacehydroplaning. skid. gas . contactAn ______________skid occurs when you accelerate too hard causing your ____to spin. Simply ease off the accelerator pedal until the tires stop spinning and___________ gentlyover-power. tiers. accelerateAn over-braking skid occurs when you brake too hard and the wheels _______________. This will occur in vehicles that do not have ______________________ ___________________lockup. ABS breaks. when the wheels lock up you lose steeringYou are in a__________ skid if you steer, but continue to drive ___________. Ease off the break or gas until you regain traction and then steer in the direction you need to gofront wheel. straightYou are in a rear-wheel skid when you are staring straight, but the rear of your vehicle skids to the ______ or right. Steer__ the direction of the rear-wheel skid to regain controlleft. inABSAnti Lock Braking SystemIf your brakes stop working completely (total brakes failure) (fill in the blank)1.Pump the brake pedal 3-4 times to build hydraulic pressure to stop 2.Downshift to a lower gear to help slow the vehicle 3.Apply the parking brake gently and increasingly harder to stopIf you have overused your ______ and caused them to overheat, called _____________, then you will need to pull over and stop driving to let the brake pads cool off to harden again.brakes. brake fadeA ____________ is when the tire loses all of its air pressure at once (fill in blank)blowout 1.car will pull sharply in the direction of the blowout 2.Keep a firm grip with both hands on the steering wheel to 3.Ease off the gas pedal and then pull over to a safe place (change tire) 4.Avoid hard brakingIf your front right tire leaves the edge of the road your car will pull to the _____ so... (fill in blank)right 1.Keep two hands on the wheel and steer straight 2. Ease off the gas and brake gently 3.Look for a smooth place to reenter traffic, turn slowly to get back on the pavement 4.Counter steer immediately after reentering traffic flow, accelerateIf your vehicle has an anti lock___________(ABS) brake with a________ steady pressurebraking system. firmAvoid over braking if your vehicle doesn't have ABS or the rear wheels can ________ and skidlock upIt is ______ and recommended to move a vehicle after a collision unless further injury to the occupants could occurlegalApproximately _____ of all fatal collisions are alcohol related40%Alcohol effects those areas of your brain that control _________ and then __________. By the time you realize you had too much to drink you are already drunkjudgment. skillAlcohol slows your ________ and reaction time, reduces your ability to ____ clearly, makes you less alert, have trouble ______________________, speeds, and the movement of other vehiclesreflexes. see. judging distance.Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the percentage of alcohol in the ____________bloodstreamWith one serving of alcohol in the bloodstream your BAC is 0.2-0.3. If your under the age of 21, then this would qualify you for a ticket for ___ -driving under the influence of alcoholDUIthe minimum suspension for a DUI is __________90 days (3 months)When the BAC registers __ or over you are susceptible to a ticket for ___ - Driving While Intoxicated.08 DUIThe __________________________ allows any police officer to conduct a field sobriety test to any driver. Failure to comply will result in your license being suspended for _________Implied Consent Law. 1 yearit takes approximately ________ to get rid of each drink consumed1 hourMarijuana will impair your driving skills for up to ___ hours.5Marijuana will impact your reaction time, motor coordination, ability to _________________, but will not impact your _______stay awake. hearing