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What factors limited Texas's exposure to the ravages of the Civil War? (Choose every correct answer.)
Texas lawmakers' neutrality
Sam Houston's political negotiations
France's failure to fully support the Confederate war effort
lack of support for the war among the citizens of Texas
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When did General Granger begin the process of emancipation in Texas? Multiple choice question. June 1865 June 1863 December 1861 June 1864june 1865The Texas "carpetbagger's constitution" of 1869 did which of the following? Multiple select question. It nullified the ordinances of secession. It gave control of state government to southern Democrats. It disenfranchised whites who had participated in the Civil War. It gave African Americans the right to vote.It disenfranchised whites who had participated in the Civil War. It gave African Americans the right to vote.A reliable indicator of technological innovation is the number of international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. In 2008, Texas ranked ______ among the fifty states.fourthIn 1893, the historian Frederick Jackson Turner declared the end of ______. the American frontier the primacy of the agricultural economy the two-party system racismthe american frontierToday, the Texas economy is dominated by the ______ industry. Multiple choice question. oil and gas service agriculture manufacturingserviceWhich of the following best describes those who settled in Texas in the 1820s They likely relocated because of the abundance of "overnight success" stories that proliferated. They likely relocated because they believed in the "undiscovered bounty" for which the state was known. They likely relocated because of generous incentives.They likely relocated because of generous incentives.Texas's top two trading powers are which of the following?Mexico CanadaThe discovery of oil in Texas contributed to which of the following? a rejection of new ideas about government and economics a demographic shift from an urban to a rural society a transition from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy growth in Texas's populationa transition from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy growth in Texas's populationWhat two cities are the major cities of the Plains region? Multiple select question. Dallas Amarillo Fort Worth Lubbock Austin HoustonAmarillo LubbockIn March 2018, service industries employed what percentage of the private-sector workforce in Texas when farm labor is excluded? Multiple choice question. about 90 percent about 20 percent about 50 percent about 82 percentabout 82 percentThe Gulf Coast region of Texas, which has diversified its economy into manufacturing and high-tech industries, has the highest concentration of ______ in the state.labor unionsIn recent years, ______ has diversified the economy of the border area of South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Multiple choice question. the petrochemical industry the service sector the technology industry trade with Mexican border citiestrade with Mexican border citiesBy the early twenty-first century, racial and ethnic minorities came to form a majority of the population in Texas. This shift in demographics made Texas a(n) ___ state.majority-minorityAccording to a 2014 survey by the Pew Research Center, the greatest number of Texans identify with which two religious groups?Evangelical Protestant and CatholicIn 2016, what two states have been the most likely states of origin for in-migrants to Texas? (Choose every correct answer.)California FloridaAs compared to the nation, in Texas ______. incomes are higher and poverty rates are lower incomes are lower and poverty rates are higher median household incomes are higher and poverty rates are lower incomes and poverty rates are both lowerincomes are lower and poverty rates are higherhow many african americans have been elected to statewide office in texas?oneWhich of the following ideas is characteristic of the individualistic subculture?Government intervention in the private sector should be limited.The ______ subculture is a political subculture that expects government to maintain the existing political order for the benefit of a small elite. (Watch your spelling!)traditionalisticTexas's political culture was heavily influenced by the ______ subculture of Anglos, Mexican Americans, and African Americans and the ______ subculture of German settlers and people from the Midwest.traditionalistic; individualisticThe current strain of populism that has merged with social conservatism in Texas and elsewhere has which of the following elements? (Choose every correct answer.)anti-intellectual anti-union anti-immigrantWhich of the following are championed by classical liberalism?limited government free market economy individual rightsWhich of the following helps to maintain the existing order in a traditionalistic subculture?a class-based social structure