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General Linguistics Chapter 4

General Linguistics, Hogeschool Rotterdam, LERO, Engels
The ability to combine elements to create new elements
the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences. AKA Someone's knowledge of sentences and structure.
Syntax describes..
Meaning and arrangement
Structural ambiguity
when words are combined and the rules allow for ambiguity or confusion:
The ancient history teacher or the ancient history teacher (teacher of ancient history)
Rules of syntax show (4 things)
1. Grammatical relations among words
2. order and hierarchical organization
3. how groupings of words relate to meaning
4. Produce and allow us to understand a limitless number of sentences
The natural groupings of a sentence
Constituency Test
If a group of words can stand alone
The puppy played in the garden = " the puppy played" can stand alone
Noun Phrase
functions as a subject or object, often contains a determiner
Verb phrase
contains a verb, an NP or Prep. Phrase, AdjP, AdvP
Syntactic Lexical categories
Noun, Verb, Preposition, Adjective, Adverb
Syntactic Functional categories
Determiner, articles, demonstratives, auxiliaries