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What is characteristic of a federal system?
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Which of the following describes the Interstate Commerce Clause?
Multiple select question.
It has been used to prohibit restaurants from being segregated by race.
Its meaning and application extends beyond commerce.
It gives states ultimate control over what enters and leaves their borders.
It relies on the strict definition of "interstate commerce" outlined in the U.S. Constitution.
Its meaning and application have changed over time.
Under President Nixon, state governments were given more discretion in program administration and revenue sharing. The federal--state relationship during this time is referred to as federalismThe Due Process Clause requires states to ______. Multiple select question. provide protection for citizens in criminal proceedings include a Bill of Rights in their state constitutions treat all citizens equally follow certain rules and procedures tax and spend to promote the general welfare regulate intrastate commerceprovide protection for citizens in criminal proceedings treat all citizens equally follow certain rules and proceduresAdvocates of gay marriage argued that Section 2 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which stated that no state must accept another state's definition of marriage, violated the ______ of the Constitution.Full Faith and Credit ClauseThe model of federal-state relations in which the federal government began to supply money to state and local governments to provide assistance to citizens is known as ______.cooperative federalismWhat characteristics of the political culture in Texas are reflected in the current constitution of the state? Multiple select question. distrust of government desire to empower government to provide services conservatism faith in the federal systemdistrust of government conservatismArticle, ___Section ____, grants Congress the right to tax and spend to promote general welfare1, 8The "marble cake" comparison is used to describe ______ federalism, which began in the 1930s.cooperativeFear of what led to the plural executive system that is used in Texas today? Multiple choice question. all elected officials strong executive authority strong legislative authority the power of the electoratestrong executive authorityUnder the principle of popular sovereignty, power rests with the ______.peopleWhich of the following are true of Texas's 1861 constitution?It prohibited the emancipation of slaves. It contained a provision to secede from the Union. It was essentially the same as the 1845 constitution.Constitution of 1876reflected the traditionalistic/individualistic political culture of the state restricted the powers of the legislature reestablished many statewide and local elected officesThe current Texas Constitutionis in line with voter's desires for decentralization. supports the idea of limited government. is compatible with the political climate of the state.Which of the following correctly identify an article of the Texas Constitution and the general topic it addresses?Article XI: suffrage Article XVII: amending the ConstitutionArticle III of the Texas Constitutionsets the terms of office of members of the legislature. sets the qualifications for legislators. divides the legislature into two branches.Of all of Texas's constitutions, which one provided for a strong centralized government? Multiple choice question. 1845 1876 1861 18691869Under Article IV of the Texas Constitution, the executive branch consists of the ______.governor attorney general comptroller of public accounts commissioner of the general land office lieutenant governorAll state constitutions contain articles relating to ______.taxation and financeWhich statement is accurate regarding amending state constitutions?State constitutions are amended much more often than the national constitution.Which of the following are general criticisms of the Texas Constitution? Multiple select question. unclear organization too flexible constant change not enough detail overly longunclear organization constant change overly longWhich of the following are reasons that voter turnout for constitutional amendments in Texas tends to be low?Voters are not particularly interested in the amendments. Amendments are often placed on ballots in odd-numbered years, when there are no state-wide elections.