cupidō, cupidinis, f.

desire, passion

lector, lēctoris, m.

reader (m.)

lectrix, lēctricis, f.

reader (f.)

vinculum, vinculī, nt.

bond, chain, fetter

cōtidiē (adv.)

daily, every day

fortasse (adv.)


accedō, accedere, accessī, accessum (3)

to come (to), approach

carpō, carpere, carpsī, carptum (3)

to harvest, pluck; seize

cogō, cogere, coegī, coactum (3)

to drive/bring together, force, compel

contemnō, contemnere, contempsī, contemptum (3)

to despise, scorn

contundō, contundere, contudī, contusum (3)

to beat, crush, bruise, destroy

curō, curare, curavi, curatum (1)

to care for, attend to; heal, cure; take care

dēcernō, decernere, decrevī, decretum (3)

to decide, settle, decree

exigō, exigere, exegī, exactum (3)

to drive out, force out, exact; drive through, complete, perfect

fiō, fierī, factus sum (3 - semidep.)

to occur, happen; become; be made, be done

oblectō, oblectare, oblectavi, oblectatum (1)

to please, amuse, delight; pass time pleasantly

orō, orare, oravi, oratum (1)

to speak, plead; beg, beseech, entreat, pray

recreō, recreare, recreavi, recreatum (1)

to restore, revive; refresh, cheer

requirō, requirere, requīsivī, requīsitum (3)

to seek, ask for; miss, need, require

serenō, serenare, serenavi, serenatum (1)

to make clear, brighten; cheer up, soothe

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