20 terms

Ch. 15; Quiz questions

The immune system
Which structure will sometimes disappear in adults?
The group of diseases that occur when antibodies develop and begin to destroy the body's own cells is _____.
Autoimmune diseases
_______ means to break down or destroy.
The _____ system is the transport system for pathogens and white blood cells.
_______, and Mast cells, release chemicals to promote inflammation.
Getting a flu shot to protect against the flu is an example of ______.
Artificial active immunity
In stage of cancer, spread to nearby lymph nodes is present
Stage III
There are two types of proliferation, one for _______ and for all other types of lymphocytes.
Helper T-lymphocytes.
Barrier include all the following except ______.
Lymph nodes can be described as _______.
Small encapsulated bodies
The body has both physical and chemical _______ to prevent invaders from entering.
In addition to storage of white blood cells, the lymphatic system is also responsible for ______.
Production of some types of blood cells.
Signs and symptoms of allergies can include all of the following except ______.
Weight loss
Signs and symptoms of inflammation include all of the following except ______.
Once the thread of invasion is over, the ______ are responsible for "turning -off " the response. Once the thread of invasion is over, the _____ are responsible for "turning - off " the response.
Regulatory T-cells
The activated lymphocytes must make thousands of copies of themselves in order to fight off the thousands of pathogens reproducing the body. This reproduction of lymphocytes is called____.
Lymphocyte proliferation
______ fight parasitic worms
In this stage of cancer, no spread from the origin is present.
Stage I
Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include _____
a. Symmetrical joint damage.
b. Decreased range of motion.
c. Joint stiffness.
the answer is all of the above.
The _____ is the soft organ between the aortic arch and sternum.