6th Grade Statistics

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Numerical DataData that consists of numbersMeasure of spreada measure that describes how spread out or scattered a set of data is. for example: range or interquartile range.Measure of Centeralso called Measure of Central Tendency. For example: mean, median, and modeBox Plota visual display to show a summary of data using the median, quartiles, and extremes of the dataHistograma diagram consisting of rectangles whose area is proportional to the frequency of a variable and whose width is equal to the class interval.Line/Dot PlotA method of visually displaying a distribution of data values where each data value is shown as a dot or mark above a number line.Upper QuartileThe median of the upper half of a set of data.Lower QuartileThe median of the lower half of a set of data.Frequency TableA table used to show the number of times something occurs.Peakhighest point in the data distributionGapsan interval that contains no dataskewedWhen data has a "long tail" on one side or the other; it is not symmetricalnormal distributiona symmetrical distribution of data