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How many albums does the beatles have released only in America?

14 in US (39 in th UK)

How many songs total have they released?

204 songs

what year did john create the Quarry Men?

estimated about 1954 or 1955

What was the full date John Lennon was born?

october 9, 1940

who was the original drummer of the Beatles (not ringo)? hint: he calims to have created new form of drumming

Stuart Suttcliffe

What was given to Paul on his 14th Birthday and what was the date?

trumpet and June 18, 1956

what year did Pauls mother die?


what was the opening date of The Caver in Liverpool?

january 16, 1957

what year and where did Paul and John first meet?

1957 at a Quarry men gig in strawberry fields

what date did the Quarry men play first at The Cavern?

August 7, 1957

what date did Paul premier with the Quarry Men?

October 18, 1957

On February 6, 1958 who first meets the Quarry Men?

George Harrison

what year did Julia Lennon die?


The Beales ask Pete Best to join on what date?

August 6, 1960

the boys travel to this place on August 16, 1960?

Hamburg, Germany

they play in this club for along time while in Hamburg?

Indra club

the beales record "summertime" on this date?

october 15, 1960

Burno Koshimeder terminates the beales contract from what club on what day?

indra club, november 1, 1960

november 21, 1960 which beale gets deported from Germany becuase hes to young?

George Harrison

on november 29, 1960 these two beales get arrested and the next day they get exported?

Paul McCartney and Pete Best

all through April, may and June in 1961 in Hamburg the Beetles play at this club?

top ten club

John and Paul celebrate Johns 21st birthday in what town and country?


Brain Epstein meets the beales for the first time on this date?

november 9, 1961

what year did the change the spelling of their name?


The Beatles auditioned of what major record company and on what date?

decca record on january 1, 1962

what date was Ringo first show with the Beatles (but not as a Beatle)?

febuary 5, 1962

when was the Beatles frist radio session?

march 7, 1962

when did Stuart Sutcliffe die?

april 10, 1962

on june 6, 1962 where was the Beatles first recording at this studio?

abbey road

When was Pete Best ffically kicked out of the Beatles?

august 16, 1962

when was Ringos first offical show AS a Beatle?

august 18, 1962

on august 21, 1962 John marries his first wife. Who was she?

Cynthia Powell

How Do You Do It and Love Me Do were recorded on what date?

september 4, 1962

On september 11, 1962 what two songs were recorded?

PS I Love You, and Please Please Me

Love Me Do and PS I Love You were released on this day?

october 5,1962

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