NCLEX- Acid Base, F/E and VS

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Causes of respiratory acidosis
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temperature.> 100.F or 38 Cpulse ox>95%NSAIDSbleeding concern,increase effects of anticoagulants,ibuprofen can cause hypoglycemia when taken with antidiabetic,dont take with ca blockerAcetaminophencontraindicated in hepatic/renal dx or alcoholism,monitor for liver damage Antidote-acetylcyslineNormal glucose levels70-100BUN5-20Cr.0.6-1.2USG1.003-1.030Total protein6.2-8.2Albumin3.5-5Bilirubin0.3-1 mg/dLALP40-120ALT7-56AST10-40RBC4.5-5.5WBC5,000-10,000Platelets150-400Hgb12-18hct37-52PT10-12INR< 1 warfarin 2-3aPTT30-40 seconds heparin 1.5-2.5 times normal rangeLDLwant low < 100HDLwant high >60Total cholesterol<200Triglycerides<150Digoxin0.5-2Lithium0.5-1.2Troponin< 0.3CK-MB3-5% 5-25CK levels22-198Myoglobin25-75