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acts and amendments made during the progressive era

Civil Service Act

Classified 15,000 jobs as vicil service positions--- must take and pass a test to qualify. Attempt to eliminate patronage.

Interstate Commerce Act

Outlawed pooling and rebates in the railroad industry.

Sherman Antitrust Act

Law that stated the elimination of competition by trusts and monopolies is illegal.

Clayton Antitrust Act

Corrected the problems of the Sherman Antitrust Act; outlawed certain practices that restricted competition; unions on strike could no longer be caught violating the Antitrust Act

16th Amendment

Created a federal income tax

17th Amendment

People, not state legislatures, elect their senator

18th Amendment

Prohibition; illegal to sell, produce, or transport alcoholic beverages

19th Amendment

Woman's suffrage

Federal Trade Commission

Established to preserve competition by preventing unfair business practices and investigates complaints against companies

Federal Reserve Act

To regulate banking


To gain equal rights

Woman's Christian Temperance Union

To educate people about the evils of alcohol

Square Deal

Theodore Roosevelt's idea for all groups equal opportunity to succeed.

Meat Inspection Act

Enforced the health and sanitary standards of the meat packing industry; direct result of The Jungle

New Freedom

President Woodrow Wilson's plan for reform; wanted to break up giant trusts and monopolies to increase competition

Wisconsin Idea

Idea of Governor LaFollette of Wisconsin; reform plan that became a national model; included a primary election and a railroad rate commission

Pure Food and Drug Act

Law that banned additives that are harmful, misleading, advertising and required food and drug makers to list all ingredients

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