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  1. remarkable
  2. phenomenal growth
  3. conviction
  4. cope with
  5. experiment
  1. a to deal successfully with a difficult situation: đương đầu với, đối chọi với
  2. b n. a strong opinion or belief: niềm tin, tín ngưỡng
  3. c n. a test done in order to learn something or to discover whether something works or is true: thí nghiệm, thử nghiệm
  4. d Adj. unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning: đáng ghi nhận, đặc biệt
  5. e Tăng trưởng ấn tượng, tăng trưởng lớn

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  1. Take a risk that might result in loss of money or failure
  2. adj. describes food that looks as if it will taste good: ngon:
  3. adj. Thu hút sự chú ý
  4. n. a type of entertainment which includes several separate short performances, such as singing, dancing, magic tricks and telling jokes: có tính giải trí
  5. come quickly into your mind: nghĩ ngay đến

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  1. originalityn. the quality of being new and interesting in a way that is different from anything that has existed before: mang tính mới


  2. take offphv. to suddenly start to be successful or popular: thành công; tăng trưởng


  3. do talking for sbNói thay lời ai


  4. consistentn. a strong opinion or belief: niềm tin, tín ngưỡng


  5. win an awardĐạt một giải thưởng


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