21 terms

U7_ENM301_Vocabulary & Reading

throw sb in at the deep end
Idiom. to make someone do something difficult, especially a job, without preparing them for it or giving them any help:
see eye to eye
Idiom. If two people see eye to eye, they agree with each other:
đồng tình, chung quan điểm
get into hot water
Idiom. to be in or get into a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished: gặp rắc rôi
put one's foot in it
Idiom. make an inappropriate comment, say something that is not proper: có những lời nói không phù hợp, chưa chính xác
get on like a house on fire
Idiom. have a very good and friendly relationship: rất hợp với ai
a fish out of water
Idiom. person who feels out of place in their surroundings:
a real eye opener
Idiom. something that surprises you and teaches you new facts about life, people, etc: điều hay, bổ ích
break the ice
Idiom. Bắt chuyện, mở đầu câu chuyện
v. to make someone worried, unhappy or angry
be rude to sb
Cộc cằn, bất lịch sự với ai
play a key role in
Đóng vai trò chủ đạo trong
v. to express admiration or approval about the achievements or characteristics of a person or thing: khen ngợi, ca ngợi
n. when people are friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors: lòng hiếu khách:
n. a person or thing which has the same purpose as another one in a different place or organization:
regardless of sth
despite; not being affected by something: bất kể/ dù cho...thế nào/ điều gì đi nữa:
n. someone or something that is not included in a rule, group or list or that does not behave in the expected way: ngoại trừ, trường hợp ngoại lệ
n. a question: tra hỏi, thẩm vấn, hỏi về
n. combination of different things: sự pha trộn, sự kết hợp
tastes and customs
Thị hiếu và tập quán
n. the usual way in which you behave towards other people, or the way you behave on a particular occasion: thái độ:
exclusive group
Nhóm đối tượng đặc biệt