A positive displacement pump that utilizes a set of rollers that compress and rotate across an elastomeric tube to pump a fluid is a
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Channeling in a sand filter can be caused byImproper backwashing frequency Broken lateralWhat is the media flow rate range for a sand filter during normal operation?9-15 Gal/min/ft2​What is the appropriate way to dispose of burnt-out fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury?Hazardous wasteAn aquarium to be used as a sump tank is 6ft long, 2ft wide, and 2ft deep. While normally operating the sump will be 1/3 full. How many gallons will the sump hold when normally operating? (You may round answer to the nearest gallon)60 gallonsOSHA requires SDS be in a central location that is readily accessible unless:There are no exceptionsYou need to refill a tank, which contained 10,000 gallons of water before you removed 25% during a water exchange. You can fill at rate of 3,600 gph. How long will it take you to refill the tank?41.66 minutesA pump suction line pulls from a circular tank that sits 10 feet below the pump and discharges to the display aquarium 100 feet above on the fourth floor. What is the total static head at the pump?110 ftWhich condition decreases foam fractionator efficiency?Too little air injected into the foam fractionator. Dirty riser tube/chimney, and collection cup. Inconsistent flow rates and varying water level within the fractionator column.A 68,000 gallon Hippo exhibit has 4 recirculation pumps rated at 340 gpm each. What is the turnover time in minutes for this system?50 minutesIf a pump is rated for 960 gpm, how many cubic feet per second (cfs) would that be?2.14 cfsHazard(s) associated with UV bulbsContain mercury Sharp when broken High voltage when operatingThe effectiveness of disinfection of potentially pathogenic waterborne microorganisms through the use of the ozone is influenced the most by which of these factors?ConcentrationWhat does LOTO stand for?Lock Out Tag OutThe tank material, HDPE is also known as.High density polyethyleneWhich of the following can change when powerheads are used?Water temperature can increaseWhat is a common cause of dead-heading a pump?The valve(s) directly downstream from the pump is(are) closed