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STRONG Nation™ Chapter 14

Terms in this set (36)

- Always begin with Warmup and finish with a dynamic Cooldown and stretch
- Always include all four Quadrants in every STRONG Nation™ class you teach in the Quadrant order designed. DO NOT VARY by switching the Quadrant order. Each Quadrant is designed to progress the intensity and workload appropriate for all fitness levels. Therefore, each Quadrant has a specificity of goal, intensity, exercise recommendations and modifications to ensure a safe and effective experience for each participant.
- You may only use music and movements provided in My First Class or the additional Quadrants you receive, including switch-outs (modifications and progressions). You may not make up your own choreography in the Quadrants or use music not provided by the STRONG Nation™ program. You may, however, personalize your Warmup, cooldown and recharges between Quadrants to add your personal flavor.
- Every Quadrant starts with a Base Builder or a Base Move, then add variations, e.g., arms, direction, impact, speed, intensity, etc., as it applies and is appropriate to the goal of the Quadrant and level of the participants
- The aim, or goal, is for full-body movement, targeting large muscle groups, utilizing upper and lower extremities and core at the same time as opposed to isolated exercises. For example: rear lunge with rotation, push-up with a leg variation etc. Not only is this a more functional way to train , the overload demand is higher, crating a higher metabolic requirement overall to ensure that more muscles are used and more calories are burned.
- Quadrants should not start or end with a high intensity (HT) single move or Sequence. There will be a transition into the next Quadrant after a Recharge 30-90s break, so hear rats will have dropped somewhat. Also, from a psychological perspective, Recharge is a mind-release from focused attention to he form and alignment of the HITT class structure; it will take a moment to get mind and body into the high intensity mindset so it is more beneficial to start with a cardio or muscle conditioning move before doing anything high intensity.
- There are no standing moves in Q4 since this Quadrant is performed on the floor in its entirety.
- The intensity guidelines for each Quadrant stat that we never exceed 2 minutes for HT, even in Quadrant 3.